If your bicycle is in the condition where there is no more functional instead of throwing them off in the trash, the ideas below are the best choices. All ideas are collected in Recycling Ideas From Old Bike Wheels With A Touch Of Awesomeness

DIY Bicycle Wheel Pots And Pans Rack

If you have only a small kitchen space to organize the kitchenware, you are suggested to think creatively and utilize recyclable material from your thrift store. You can just reuse an old bike wheel to make a round rack for pots and pans. After that, you can effortlessly hang the pans and pots on this crafted rack. These pots and racks will save you from organizer issues. Last, the tools you need will be a power drill, adjustable crescent wrench, and ladder.

Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

This chalkboard calendar by recycling a bicycle wheel will not be stepping out of your budget. You can create a customized calendar featuring an amazing hit with charts. On the other hand, you may use a wood pallet for attaching this spinning customized wheel. Next, you will love to write down your daily tasks on this upcycled wheel calendar. Instead of writing down all the things with chalks, you can go freely for labeled stickers. The supplies you need are a bicycle wheel without the tire, plywood, hot glue, and chalkboard paint.

Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Bicycle wheel wreath Upcycling Ideas From Old Bike Wheels With A Touch Of Awesomeness


Enjoy any celebration at home with this recyclable bicycle wheel as the wreath for your entrance door. The best thing about this project is that you do not need to buy or create the garland ring if you have a wheel. Decorate your wheel with your choice of beads, feathers, and ribbons to get a versatile wreath to complete your home décor! The additional supplies you need are a hot glue gun, sewing needle, scissors, garden cutters, salvage bicycle rim, tacky spray, spray paint (blue and silver), clear thread, and glitter (silver and clear).

Wheel Dangling Art For Entrance Door

Look at this gorgeous entrance door decoration where is so surprising. It is mentioned as a quick and affordable décor DIY for outdoor or patio. You will reach an impressive decoration by using an elegant metallic gold paint wheel. Next, prepare a wire sponge to help scratch off any rust that was on the spokes of the wheel. After that, you will need to use faux flowers to embellish this wheel. Last, hang this customized wheel craft art using a leather stripe on the wall!

DIY Wheel Yard Art

The last project to DIY is the yard art from the wheel. It is an easy project where you can only paint the wheels in different colors. After that, display those painted wheels in the garden using iron rods.

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