It is undebatable. We all have family photos that can be displayed throughout the house. The photos make your home feels cozier and create a character. You can display your photos with some DIY projects. All ideas of family photos are rounded up in DIY Unconventional Ideas To Display Your Family Photos.

DIY Rustic Home Photo Frame

Diy rustic home photo frame DIY Unconventional Ideas To Display Your Family Photos


It is a rustic frame from branches that you can find in your backyard. Meanwhile, the rest materials will be exactly there on your everyday tools and supplies for craft. Thus, this craft will cost you next to nothing.

Boho Macrame Picture Frames

Boho macrame picture frames DIY Unconventional Ideas To Display Your Family Photos


Macrame is still going strong decade after decade. Therefore, presenting a macrame picture frame is a great idea. It adds a fanciful and organic look to your photo display. Besides, macrame can be used in its raw off-white form and also be dyed in any number of colors to match your home decoration.

Picket Fence Gallery

In this picket fence gallery, you can attach the photos to wooden pieces that form a fence. Thus, the result will pay you with a creative cozy photo display.

Wire Mount Photo Bulletin

Let us use the functional metal wires. You can simply attach them to a wall and ensure they are parallel. After that, you can use some clips to hang the photos. By seeing the result, it is a very sleek and simple way of displaying your lovely family photos.

Bottle Portrait Collection

It is mentioned as a very clever and original way to display old family photos. First, find some simple glass bottles and insert the old photos inside the bottles. As your information, the idea of bottle p mo

Bulletin Board Photos

Here is another interesting method of displaying your family photos. You can create some pinboards or bulletin boards. Then, you can use clothespins to hang the photos. Last, it would work best with white and black photo collections.

Neck Down Family Portrait

Neck down family portrait DIY Unconventional Ideas To Display Your Family Photos


It is a rather unusual and untraditional family portrait. Meanwhile, it creates a unique style compared to other displays. Here, the family members are only immortalized from their neck down. On the other hand, even though their faces remain unseen, all the members are very well represented by everything else.

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