Getting your house ready for a new baby? You will definitely need to have baby gates to keep your baby safe from gates. It can also improve your DIY home decoration. Here are we have collections of baby gate ideas on DIY Excellent Ideas To Have Functional Baby Gates.

Baby Gate From Vintage Wood Headboard

Baby gate from vintage wood headboard DIY Excellent Ideas To Have Functional Baby Gates


It is a super easy yet stunning baby gate. Here, all you need to do is turn an old headboard into a baby gate. Besides, even anyone with no skills at all is capable of doing so. The supplies you need are a headboard, two tube straps, four screws, one hook, eye latch, saw, drill, and screwdriver.

Geometric Baby Gate

Geometric baby gate DIY Excellent Ideas To Have Functional Baby Gates


This baby gate design has a special geometric pattern in white. It will ready to get you into an excellent way to make your house look sharp, clean, and modern. Then, you can create two of these for the top and bottom of the stairs. The supplies for this baby gate are a miter saw, wood, brad nailer, nails, spray paint, sandpaper, set of 2 hinges, lock, and drill.

Baby Gate From PVC Pipes

Are you ready to add a more aesthetic touch to your house? Here you can go with PVC baby gate. Baby gate from PVC pipes is inexpensive and you do not need to spend a ton of time in the making process. Some of the tools you need are a power screwdriver, hacksaw, measuring tape, drill bit, knife, and countersink bit.

Fabric Baby Gate Sewing Pattern

If you are a beginner of DIY ideas and you want something to get the work done, you are suggested to create this fabric baby gate. It will offer you a pretty look and make it easier to match the theme of your house. The supplies you need are 2 yards fabric, 1-yard batting, grosgrain ribbon, disappearing fabric pen, self-healing mat, rotary cutter, clear plastic ruler, scissors, thread, iron, ironing board, and sewing machine.

Acrylic Baby Gate

If you find plastic baby gates at the market can be quite expensive and hard to match with the theme of the house. Then, this acrylic baby gate you can make by yourself is the answer. The materials you need are pine board, hinges, latch, screws, wood filler, medium grit sandpaper, table saw, and ¼ inch plexiglass.

Budget-Friendly Baby Gate

If you are not satisfied enough with the baby gates you currently have now, you can actually make it by yourself at home. It is a good idea to match the theme and add aesthetics to your house. The supplies you need are a nail gun, hinges, screwdriver, wood stain, polyurethane,  primer, white paint, brushes, wood glue, and sandpaper.

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