Cork as a material has proven to be very flexible and resourceful. The cork board is the most popular product and there are many ways in which you can include it in your home decor. Although cork boards are designed for large offices, they can make great creations at home. This simple design can save space and help you avoid chaos at home. Most cork boards can be purchased from the store. But with a personal touch, you can turn your dull boring board into something spectacular.

1. Cover in Fabric

Source : Two Twenty One

Covering a cork board in fabric is one of the cheapest, fastest and easiest ways to revamp it. Choose a color that matches the color palette of your room. But when in doubt, go with a neutral board that will always coordinate with your room decor.

2. Framed It

Source : Driven By Decor

Frame a simple cork sheet in the right frame, it can be nestled in any interior with the right frame thus carrying your task with a great design.

3. Paint It

Some people like the natural look of cork, but you might be tired of all that brown. If that’s the case, you’re in luck because cork is easy to paint and stain. A stain will let you match the cork board to other furniture in the room. Paint gives you many options in both color and surface.

4. As Jewelry Holder

Source : Remodelaholic

Cork board not only as a place to pin your memos, but also can be used as a place to store jewelry. A cork board can organize any type of jewelry beautifully thanks to its customization format, use this to your advantage and the jewelry can become beautiful wall art in your setting.

5. From Drawer to The Wall

Note the handle? Yes! this is a shabby drawer that functioned again as a cork board. It can nestle fresh flowers, your to-do list, photographs, enjoy your new epic display.

6. Goth It Yourself

Release your dark side with a gothic-style cork board. The velvet ribbon adds elegant impression on this cork board.

7. Cork Board with A Basket

Source : Homeroad

The old furniture piece has been adapted to fit your graphic and practical needs today in a shabby chic expression. It has adorable thumb tacks and a basket from chicken wire to hold mail or coupons.

8. Herringbones Cork Board

Try to be creative with motifs on your cork board. You can create herringbones motif by cutting the cork board into several rectangles. This will eliminate your boredom on the regular cork board.

9. Cork Board Go Round

Source : Ninja Diva

Keep losing those keys and other baubles? A small round cork board makes the ideal nesting place for necessaries that are prone to put on a disappearing act. Well, you could be stunned by simply how wonderful your cork boards could look when you minimized them right into circles.

10. Play With Patterns

Source : eHow

By creating contrast between colors and pattern on the same board you can easily shape a focal point in your office. This gives your tasks more coverage, more attention.

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