A wooden cable reel is a beautiful circular object, shaped like a drum such as a spool which is used to carry various types of electrical wires. The cable reel which we are talking about is wooden cable reel. These wooden reels are very durable and can bear heavy loads. They are mostly discarded after the cable has been used and can be obtained easily from certain construction sites. These recycled furniture products are obviously pretty cheap cost wise as one has not to pay against the wood neither one has to further mold or shape them. So these are easily cut and shaped like daily use practical furniture products and used by the ones who are not willing to buy expensive furniture for some specific place.

1. Cable Reel Table

Source : Instructables

Look at this amazing patio deck and the picnic table made out of pallet cable spools. That is not only funky and easy to build but also cheap and quick fix. This table needs no formal assembling. Just insert in an umbrella and enjoy a sunny day. The plus thing is it has caster wheels, so you can easily move it wherever you want.

2. Library Table

Source : Country Living

Smaller cable spools also make great tables, in this case, a library table. The book you read in routine after working can be minimized into pinched space of wooden cable roll and add some casters to let it be exactly with your provided directions. A brilliant idea to use the old and rustic cable drum to make this tiny round bookshelf.

3. Stool Spool

This cushioned stool is an innovative shape of empty wire reel for deluxe comfort of sitting after tiredness. You can make yourself calm down by sitting on it at porch or living room.

4. Rocking Chair

Source : Instructables

Cable spool can turning into this rocking chair that affordable and fun way to make your own outdoor furniture deck, garden or patio.

5. Rustic Clock

This large wall clock can be a focal point above your fireplace. Not only right for autumn or fall decoration,  this huge wall clock is also a suitable decoration for a rustic-style house.

6. Coffee Table

If you are a follower of shabby chic interior then this table will be merged to maintain the same shabby atmosphere and will a perfect addition to home furniture especially the tables. This is one easy DIY you can work with.

7. Coffee Station

Source : My Repurposed Life

Organized your mugs, K-cups, creamer and sugar into a matching coffee shop in the kitchen. You can use a small spool for a narrow space, or a large spool for a bigger room.

8. Headboard

Source : Bijou Living

Remove the top of the spool and add a coat of varnish to create a rustic cable spool headboard for your country bedroom.

9. Planter

Source : Home You

Taking a different approach to upcycling, the spool here is turned on its side and shelves have been added to create space for potted plants of all types. The wooden material is the perfect addition to this garden!

10. Farmhouse Style Table

Source : Knick of Time

Using two items that are not used anymore for then made into a beautiful furniture. What a very ambitious but genius at the same time. This dining table is perfect for country style kitchen.

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