Add some lights to the children’s rooms. They love a bright room with cute lamps to keep the monster away. Yes, they believe there are monsters in the dark rooms. Adding some lights may make them feel quiet. They think they are safe. No monsters, no dark. They will sleep tight at night until morning. In this article, we have collected DIY lamps for kids that you can make at home. Check them out further and get more inspiration to create a DIY lamp for your child’s room.

DIY Mason Jar Night Light with Unicorn

Diy mason jar night light with unicorn


Bring unicorns inside your child’s room as a night lamp. Make this lamp using a mason jar. Paint it with a unicorn theme. Then, attach a unicorn toy to the cap. Add the lamp kit inside. 

DIY Marble Lamp

Making this lamp is not tricky. Prepare a glass tube. Make a hole and attach the lamp kit. Then, put all marbles on it. Now, you get a new marble lamp for your child’s room. You can turn it on and make a bright room for your kid. Follow the instructions on how to make a DIY marble lamp here.

DIY Hot Air Balloon Night Lamp

Cool, huh? This lamp will make your child’s room bright in a second. You will need washi tapes, tin can, cord, decoupage glue, scissors, brush, small screwdriver, and of course the lamp kit. First, you need to make the base. Second, Cover the tin can with washi tapes using glue. Third, make four holes near the edge of the tin can for the cords. The last, assemble the lamp.

DIY The Little Mermaid Mason Jar Light

You will need black vinyl, Cricut transfer tape, a mason jar, blue rocks, and LED light. Make a mermaid shape from Cricut design and fit it to the vinyl. Use washi tape to apply the mermaid to the jar. Add on the blue rocks and LED light inside the mason jar. Complete the design with a water theme with glitters, seashells, and jute rope.

DIY Jellyfish Might Light for Kid’s Room

It seems like you are sleeping under the sea. Hang this DIY jellyfish night light over your bed. Then, you will feel like seeing the deepest ocean. Making this lamp is easy. You will need a light fixture cover, clear shower curtain, 8 Neopixels, conductive thread, regular thread, fishing line, button, wire hanger, and battery. Check out Instructables to know more about how to make it.


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