Some people love to dry flowers for some purposes. They use them for a flower arrangement project or keep them for their next decorations. Well, dried flowers might show a little bit of browning, but it’s natural. Though, some flowers, like roses, don’t do that. Choose the flowers you want and make them dry. This project is not easy, but you need to be more careful. You will not make the flower break before drying. There are some ways to dry flowers. Before drying them, you should cut the stem and remove the leaves.

Air Drying on a Cooling Rack

Air drying on a cooling rack

Lay flower stems out on a cooling rack is an easy way to make them dry completely. Or, you are free to trim the stems shorter. Then, place them to let the blooms face up. You can also adjust the flowers to the shape you want. It is not a tricky step as long as you have the cooling rack.

Water Drying Technique

Water drying technique

It is also an easy way to dry flowers you like. Just cut them out and removes the leaves. Then, arrange them in a vase or jar with a small number of flowers. Let the water evaporate the flowers naturally. Place the flowers inside your home to avoid the direct sunshine that will make them brown. Usually, people do this technique to dry hydrangeas.

Oven Drying Technique

Oven drying technique

If you want to dry flowers faster, you can do the oven-drying technique. Cover a baking sheet with paper. Spread out the flowers on the pan. Then, bake them usually at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Heats will make the difference. Rotate the pan every 15 minutes. When you open it, you will see the flowers dry completely.

Air Fryer Drying Technique

Air fryer drying technique


Using an air fryer to dry flowers is not hard at all. Arrange them in a  tray. Set your air fryer at its lowest temperature, or you can use the dehydrate setting. Switch on the air fryer for about 15 minutes. Then, you will get the flowers to dry beautifully. Easy, huh? You can do the same way to dry herbs.

Flowers Drying with Hanging Technique

Flowers drying with hanging technique

It is a simple drying technique. Anyone can do it in seconds. First, cut the stem and remove the leaves. Tie the flowers with a rubber band. Then, hang them on a string or coat hanger. Clip them on with a clothespin. Make sure you choose a warm and dark space. Then, we only have to wait till those flowers dry.



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