Chandelier is no longer unreachable anymore since there are tons of DIY projects that you can choose. A DIY chandelier project is now not only possible, but simple, too. Be sure to scroll down and choose one that suits your taste as your next DIY project!

1. Branches Chandelier

Natural element is the best! All you need to create the graphic part is twigs, branches and ropes. Simple.

This DIY rustic tree branch chandeliers need no electricity. besides, some little candles in small cup is enough

Small elements can express delicacy

Piercing space through its organicity illuminated from within

One birch branch suspended outdoors with a few bulbs

Just hang a giant branch!

Jaw-dropping branch mason jar composition defining space

A nice ceiling branch chandelier perfect for your large space

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2. Tassel

Tassel chandelier to fill your Bohemian-style home decor!

Why splurge on a bohemian pendant light when you can knot one up yourself

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This DIY chandelier made with dip-dyed tassels is a real showstopper, combining Boho vibes with earthy glamour to create bold statement lighting that Pinterest dreams are made of

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This bright idea is a high-impact addition to space with a Boho vibe going

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Adorable DIY dyed tassel. suits the tassel with your space’s color scheme before deciding the color

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3. Wooden

For a rustic-look chandelier, wood is the best material to achieve the look.

This wagon wheel is a really cool and inspiring idea which you can definitely steal and customize if you want to craft your own special chandelier

This chandelier is made out of 2 wood rings, some copper or steel pipe clamps, screws, sockets, cloth-covered twisted wire, sisal rope, leather or waxed cotton twine

The solid wood structure and the way in which the light bulbs are hanging suggest a rustic-industrial design

The hardest part of the project featured on instruct-ables is not crafting the actual chandelier but finding a reclaimed wood beam

The design is rustic but also minimalist and chic enough to look great in modern homes as well

In case you find a wood beam that’s larger than you need it to be, don’t throw out the excess wood. you could use more than just a piece of the beam when you put together your diy chandelier

If you want to make something similar you’ll need some chicken wire, wood strips, chain, small nails, 4 small hooks, lamp kits, l brackets and wood glue

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4. Fairy Light

Give your child’s fantasy plays. This fairy lights surely make it all!

Now, this hanging planter fairy light project is absolutely divine. you love it too, right

Hula hoop + fairy lights = perfect

Even your tiny side patio will look amazing with fairy lights

image source

Wire hanging basket frames with chains removed, fairy lights and this fairy light globe will be your new chandelier

Combine tutu and string lights and this DIY chandelier is done

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