Have your prepared for your kid’s party decoration? We will see more colors, balloons, and of course candies all around. Candies are sweet and pretty. They will make us feel happy and fun along with the party. Almost all kids love candies, not only because of the taste but also appearance. Candies are nice to use for decorating a birthday party or any kid’s party. In this article, we have a list of DIY candy decor ideas that will delight eyes. Check them out further!

DIY Pretty Lollipop Topiary Centerpiece

Diy pretty lollipop topiary centerpiece


This decor theme provides cool faux flowers with more lollipops. Use a cotton ball to make all the lollipops stand. Then, attach them to the top of the candle holder. What an amazing decor is this! We guarantee that your kids and friends will love this.

DIY Beautiful Soda Can Candy Bucket

Isn’t it beautiful? Having this soda can candy bucket will make your party more fun. We love the red color that represents spirit and happiness. Moreover, we should collect candies and lollipops to create this beautiful soda can. Then, put this on the table to ease friends reach the candies.

DIY Colorful Candle Candy

Wrap the candies with transparent plastic phane to get DIY colorful candle candies. Add curly ribbon to spruce up their look. You can use this craft to decorate a birthday party or any kids’ party. And, they look so pretty as a gift as well. Customize the size and color you like.

DIY Creative Papercut Candy Poppers

Who loves party poppers? Create paper-cut candy poppers are not hard at all. You only have to wrap the candies with polka dot paper. Then, add a beautiful ribbon to make it more interesting. With these candy poppers, the party will look more fun.  A budget-friendly project for a fun party is great, right?

DIY Unicorn Candy Decor

You might need several minutes to make this DIY unicorn candy decor. Prepare a white bucket and start to make the unicorn face. Add faux fur to make it more alive. Then, add the antler by using colorful cotton candy. Now, the unicorn cotton candy is ready to complete your kids’ birthday party.

DIY Wily Wonka-Inspired Look Candy Decor

This candy decor theme will work well for various parties. Whether for a birthday party, graduation party, or even a Halloween party. We love the hat that looks sparkling. Then, those candies are reusable for the next season. Cool!

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