Nowadays, unique and beautiful instagramable decorations are being loved by many people from young people to adults. Many decorating themes are becoming a trend, such as the summer theme with flamingo, pineapple and cactus icons, decorations with lots of tumbler lights in the room or decorations with monochrome themes in black and white plus some unique stuffs that support a more attractive appearance. You can find many references to other interesting decorations.

People like to decorate their rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, or even the living room. Carrying the theme of back to nature, the use of decorative plants in your home will give a fresh impression with green or even colorful colors so it looks beautiful too. Even if you don’t have enough space to place your plants, you can work around this with various types of decorations that you can see in the picture below.

Green plants in square wooden pot
Green plants on the wall decoration
Green plants on the wall with black iron
Hanging green plants ideas
Small green cactus with candle and wooden pot
Small hanging plants decoration
Small pants on the wall
Vines in the white wall

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Colorful plants on the silver iron pot
Colorful plants on the wooden pallet pot
Green plants on the multi level pot
Green plants with blue wooden chair
Hanging green plants in brown fabric
Hanging plants on the colorful pot
Recycle vintage tins
Red flowers on the blue pier
Small plants on the wooden pot
Small yellow flowers on the square storage
Upcycle dresser drawers
White and pink flowers on the pire pot

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Colorful diy mini planters
Diy diamond hanging succulent planters
Diy hanging clay succulent holders
Diy mini wooden succulent planters
Diy painted air plant bell cups
Diy wooden centerpieces boxes
Faux metal hexagon planters
Mini succulent pots
Small plants on small square gray pot
Tiny succulents birch trees

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Green plant in brown painting pot
Green plants on the white painting pot
Mini green plants on black pattern pot
Mini plants on the cute pot
Plants on the white and yellow pot
Small plant on colorful pot
White flower son the green pot

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As shown above, if you do not have enough space to place your plants, you can use mini cactus plants such as Astrophytum Ariocarpus or Gymnocalycium. This type of cactus is becoming a trend because of its small size and very practical to put anywhere. You can create unique and interesting places such as small colorful pots or draw them using unique characters or patterns. Or even just hung in your room.

Or you can use used wood to make your plant pots, by adding beautiful colors and patterns or you can also add rattan coil accents to make it look attractive. Make it with various shapes such as round, triangle or even you can use a used drawer to place your plants. An excellent creative idea if you can use other used items such as paint cans, chairs or even iron pots or iron for vines.

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