Christmas will be here soon and to prepare it well is really worthy since it will be the celebration that everybody have waited. You can start to provide your home decoration that will bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. Do it by making some craft to be used as your home ornament to beautify your home decoration. Make some DIY projects so that you can save your money for the celebration day needs.

For the DIY, there are some possible things that you can create. Let’s say for the simplest one that is the wreath. It can be created by using some materials from the unused things or you can use the real nature materials like foliage, grain, flower, and more. The real nature materials will be great but it won’t be durable because it is dried or wilt soon. Apply it for your door and wall ornament, or you can have it for your window and even your chair ornament.


Gold honeycomb wreath by reducing, reusing, and recycling your leftover toilet paper rolls by turning them into the unique wreath. Add some golden bells to strengthen the spirit of Christmas.
Magnolia wreaths that are arranged vertically in three levels. It is made of real leaves so that you can get extra warm and peaceful impression.
This red wreath really have the Christmas vibe with the pattern and color combination looks like snow. The ribbon will beautify the wreath and give an extra appearance.
Star wreath turns a tree topper into a sweet Scandinavian wreath with sprigs of eucalyptus attached on the wire. Hang it with a ribbon in white color to make it looks holy.

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The wreath here is used to decorate your dining room chair so that you can bring the Christmas spirit into your dining room well.
White wreath to be applied for your dining room window decoration. It is really simple but worthy to be made in harmony with your dining table decoration.

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Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree that is made by using tripod which is really suitable to be decorated with mixing beads string and red bells to strengthen the Christmas spirit.
This is a really awesome and unique Christmas tree that is build by using twigs. It is really worthy since it is really easy and affordable where you can find the material from your environment.
This colorful Christmas tree is made of big pom pom that you can make by yourself. You can made the basic shape of the tree then stick the pom pom around. You can choose the color combination based on your favorite color.
Use your books to make this unique Christmas tree. You don’t need to spend your money to buy the material. Add it with red beads string to beautify your book Christmas tree.
This broccoli Christmas tree not only pretty but also can be eaten. You just need to add the mayonnaise into the bowl near the Broccoli tree so that your family member or guests can enjoy it directly.
This is the other unique Christmas tree. Make it with colorful buttons and beads. The color combination of green and res will be best for the Christmas theme.

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Christmas Candle

Christmas candles inside the pines that are given with sparkle to give the snow illusion on it.
Wrap your candle with wooden pillar candle that is painted with snow pattern to bring the Christmas spirit.
This decorative candle is wrapped with cinnamon where the black ribbon will really work well to add beauty on it. The cinnamon not only useful to create such a rustic look, it also allow you to get the scent of the wood.
This one is another wooden decorative candle. But this time you can use the red candle that will be really pretty and match with Christmas theme.

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DIY Christmas candle by using glass that will be really easy. You can use the glass that has pattern so that it could be impressive
This time, the glass is in plain one without any pattern. But here, you can wrap it by using fabric and add it with foliage or other nature elements for more warm impression.

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Dining Table Decoration

Wooden table decorated with white plate, ornamental flower, pine leaves, and napkins.
The centerpiece here is a little bit crowded but it is quite warm because it is using nature elements like foliage and fruits.
This hanging foliage will work well to beautify your dining table decoration. Match it with some greenery on the table and grain.
Decorating table into an enchanted pine forest is such a great idea. You can stick the pine tree shape onto the glass and spread the foliage into the dining table.
White table cloth decorated with striped table runner to nail this sweet setting. For an extra touch, bend a twig of rosemary at the top to resemble a candy cane.
Christmas dining table decoration with soft pink tablecloth, paired with gold cutlery to feel warm and homey.

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The other important ornament for your Christmas will be the Christmas tree. It is something that should be there for your Christmas celebration. The amazing thing is that you can make it by yourself by using some unique materials that people never use it before. Our references above will be really easy and worthy to be made. It is also affordable so that you can have it without spending too much money.

The other craft will be the decorative candle. It will be related with your dining table decoration. You can use your decorative candle to be your dining table additional ornament. Add the other Christmas touch into your dining table that can indicate the Christmas theme like the fabric in red or green to be used as the dining ware pad.

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