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10 Beautiful Pots and Planters to Beautify Your Small Spaces

Having some greenary in your house ia quite worthy. Beside for the decoration reason, it is very useful to create a fresh atmosphere into your room, even certain plants like cactus can produce oxygen into your room at night so that it is surely safe to be placed in your bedroom. Based on those facts, you don’t need to be in doubt to start looking for the proper plants for your home decoration no matter how wide your space is and find some beautiful pots and planters to make your plants look more awesome while there are so many kinds and material types of the pots available today.

For the small space, you can outsmart the plants placement into vertically arrangement. You can create it by making a creative DIY shelving ideas with glass material, wooden, or plastic. You can also take an old bannister, attach planter hooks, and then fill planters with herbs and succulents of your choice. It will be so much cheaper yet very unique. A DIY hanging plants will be also pretty yet saving your space. Hook it by using wire, rope, or put it in a twisted rope basket first before you hang it. There are also wall hanging pots with so many different shape available today. You can choose the one that fit your taste or home style. You can do the hanging planter by attaching clay pots to a pallet too with nails and stainless steel cable ties for a living art display that keeps your rosemary and basil at the ready. Remember to space out the pots so your plants have room to grow! Please check out the gallery below so that you can have a clearer illustration of it.

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