Who says rain is a no-way time to style stylish. Look at the ideas below to check the ideas of umbrella customize. With these projects, you’ll get such an impressive umbrella to keep you stylish under the rain.

Simple Gold Polka Dot Umbrella

Simple gold polka dot umbrella Spectacular Ways To Customize Your Extraordinary Umbrella Look


For this simple gold polka dot umbrella, you can take an inexpensive clear dollar store umbrella. You can update its look to have sunny gold polka dots by creating your own gold vinyl circles to stick on the umbrella. So, to make the circles all you need to do is use a medium-sized circle punch on sheets of gold vinyl. It is good when it rains and even for photo shoots.

Scalloped Edge Umbrella

Scalloped edge umbrella Spectacular Ways To Customize Your Extraordinary Umbrella Look


It is a great idea to add an elegant scalloped edge to any of your umbrellas by using the scalloped edge template. You need to cut gold vinyl or by cutting the vinyl by hand using a template. Here, you can easily update your umbrella to have your own custom umbrella that is a fun DIY fashion accessory.

Fluffy Clouds Umbrella

This cloudy umbrella is basically a no-mistake project. Vinyl shapes can and removed without leaving marks or residue. The shapes cling easily to the material, and the transparency of the umbrella allows you to see what you’re doing the whole way through. I had my first bubble umbrella when I was six, and I’ve loved them ever since. These clear canvases also pair beautifully with opaque vinyl. The materials you need are a clear umbrella, white vinyl sheets, Cricut explore, gold paper or vinyl, and a cloud and lining template.

Fruit Slice Umbrellas

Anyone will keep their attention on your umbrella with this fruit slice look. As we see in the picture above, you may use a yellow umbrella for the lemon, a green umbrella for the kiwi, and a red umbrella for the watermelon. The materials you will need are umbrellas, painter’s tape, fabric-safe craft paint, and scissors.

DIY Polka Dots And Pink Heart Umbrella

This umbrella has a fun polka dot and heart design for the interior. To create this look you will need to cut a circle and heart out of a piece of wax paper. It will create a stencil that you can use to paint in the design with fabric craft paint in your lovely colors. The materials you need are umbrellas, fabric craft paint, blue painter’s tape, wax paper, a paintbrush, and a circle cutter

DIY Striped Edge Umbrella

If you have a bland black umbrella, you can add some graphic detailing by painting white stripes to create a posh umbrella. This will help you stand out in the sea of black umbrellas when it rains. After that, you can use white paint or white block printing ink and a foam paintbrush to freehand painting stripes.

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