Installing an animal accent will add a natural look into the room. It shouldn’t have to in the term of a statue but you can create a picture, craft, and soon. Eve a little picture of a dog will be so cute inside the house. In this article, we will show you DIY animal accents that will spruce up a room decoration and upgrade it simply. Let us our lists below to inspire you!

Animal Face In Planter

Animal face in planter


Draw a dog face in the planter would be a great idea. Give the smiley face so that you will smile as well whenever you see it. Make sure that you apply a darker smile face animal on a lighter planter. So, we can see the drawing clearly.

Reuse Plastic Toys

Rather than throwing away your kids’ animal toys, it will better to repurpose them another way. In this picture, we see some blue magnet sprayed animals on the wall. The owner cut the toys and apply magnet on it. Then, those toys are attached to the wall as hanging hooks.

Elephant On Pillow

Why don’t you try this cute animal silhouette on your pillow? Take some fabric crayons to draw the elephant. Then, apply a hot iron to stick it. Feel free to draw other animals as you like but the elephant looks so cute here.

DIY Ring Dish

This pretty little unicorn looks nice on the bowl. Hang your rings there. We love the color that so glam and beautiful. In this ring dish, the unicorn takes the major interest. You can paint the giraffe in gold or white as you like

Red Bear Silouhette

Look at the red bear silhouette that breaks the white around. The white frame seems invisible but works well with the picture. Hang this bear in the living room wall or any room to add natural and artistic tone.

Bird In The Frame

Bring a natural feeling inside by installing this DIY frame bird. It looks so awesome for easter decor but you are free to apply this in a year long. Look at the neutral color, nest, eggs, and bird that will be nice for entryway decoration.

Fox-Faced Crochet

What about this cute fox-forced crochet? It looks nice on your kid’s table. The face and colors are pretty. Feel free to store pins, keys, or other small things here. When it looks dirty, you can wash it by hand.

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