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8 Functional DIY Ideas for Your Home Decoration

The necessity of buying household furniture is endless. Then, what if you need to buy new furniture but no budget? Don’t worry, you can make it yourself at home by utilizing used items that are not used with the DIY decoration project. In addition to saving money, this method can improve your creativity. Home furnishings that make themselves are no less beautiful than the furniture on display in a furniture store. Even your house seems more unique and quirky.

DIY Lamp

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Lights play an important role in the home in giving effect to the appearance of a room. In addition, the lights that you display also affect the nuances created at home. You can also make cool lights by making use of used bins. Only by using scrap metal bins, wire cutters, and colorful spray paint, you can produce unique lamps.

DIY Candle

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As the times evolve and people become more creative, candles don’t only function as lights in the dark. now the function of the candle increases as home decoration. candles also have aesthetic value and are easy for you to create with various items. The beautiful shape of the candle functions to beautify and harmonize the room, no wonder many people place it as a decoration of the room.

DIY Headboard

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Do not be too simple in matters of designing the bedroom interior. Because the bedroom is too quiet decoration will make you become bored and uncomfortable. Try to decorate a little area of your bedroom starting from the headboard of the bed. The wooden headboard is the right choice for you who want a strong and robust headboard. Besides that, you can also put your family photo frames. See more at DIY bedroom projects!

DIY Pinboard

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The room is a private room where we rest our bodies and do various activities. Our room must also be arranged and decorated in such a way that we feel comfortable to linger in the room. One way to decorate a room is with a pinboard. With the “announcement” board, we can put together a list of jobs, daily schedules, or reminders of tasks that must be carried out. So that the pinboard is not boring, we can also turn it into a cute decoration, not only cool but also useful.

DIY Planter

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Placing pots of ornamental plants in the house as interior decoration is a modern thing. It will be great especially if you make the DIY home greenery to match your needs. Besides being beautiful, the room will look more beautiful. The selected ornamental plants are usually small or medium-sized. To complete the look, you should choose a plant pot that can add aesthetic value to the room. You can make potted plants using wood, clay, and even a paper book.

DIY Tray

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DIY Wall Gallery

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Don’t want to be bothered with complicated wall decorations? Present a home decoration in the form of a private gallery space containing your DIY works. The presence of decoration concepts from the photo gallery can give a more lively atmosphere to the interior. It also makes the home atmosphere more homey and personal. Wall gallery can be a special decoration with a creative style.

DIY Furniture

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To complete a house, of course, you have to buy a variety of furniture and decorations so that your house does not look lonely. However, if you belong to a creative person, it never hurts to make your own home furniture from used materials. One of the materials that you can use is used wood. You can also make used wood into a comfortable lounge chair to put in your family room.

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