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Home » Clever DIY Ideas Using PVC Pipe Based On Family Member’s Need

Clever DIY Ideas Using PVC Pipe Based On Family Member’s Need

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Making something for your home only need creativity. Well yes, the equipment is also needed. But, without creativity, you won’t get what you want. That is why today, we’re specifically talking about DIY PVC pipe projects that almost every house have it at home. And plus, these projects are work best for mom, dad and even the kids!

1. For Dad

Gather up, Dad. We’ll share you some nice ideas using PVC pipe for you.

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There’s no tutorial to help you along with this idea, but if you’re someone who can look at something and create it, this is a wonderful fence

If dad need a workspace at home, build this PVC table is a cost-effective solution to this problem

Keep your garden shed organized with PVC pipe projects

Instead of tossing them down in the yard or by the curb, use these PVC pipe projects to build this awesome bike rack

Create this unique storage to keep your stuff neatly in the garage. make a note on each so you can find something that you need easily

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2. For Mom

Yes, even mom can enjoy the usage of this DIY PVC pipe at home.

Build a towel rack from PVC pipe to drying the towel

Create this spiffy-looking hamper from cloth and PVC pipe to make practical PVC pipe projects

If you have tomato plants, use PVC pipe to build a monster cage around your tomatoes

Let’s make easy PVC planters for your succulents which look modern but are cost-effective

Stick a piece of PVC in the ground, wrap the hose around it, hold the nozzle at the top and this hose holder is ready to help mom watering the plants

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3. For Kids

And yes, you can use PVC for your kids, too. Let’s see what PVC can do.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the expensive prefab options. instead, you can construct these PVC pipe projects and customize it to whatever theme your kids love

You don’t have to buy the cheap guns from the local five and dime anymore. you can make them an excellent long-range water shooter from PVC

Make your kids happy playing outside the house by making them this platform swing

Make this kid wash out of PVC pipe to make them beat the heat during summer

Create a book storage area out of PVC pipe to keep your kids book

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