Having a fire pit outside the house is a must. This is the best spot to gather around with friends and family. You can chit-chat, burn the woods and also barbecue-ing. If you decided to have it one, then you are come into the right page. Check out some cool DIY fire pit ideas you could consider below.

1. Concrete Fire Pit

Since fire pit should bring balance between form and function, let’s go on with the concrete fire pit.

Make this DIY fire pit made out of oversized salad bowl, Weber-style grill, a can of non-stick spray and a bag of concrete

Here’s a true mini fire pit made using a concrete and flower pot to create the size and shape

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This petite concrete tree rings fire pit stands out for its unusual design and color

This simple fire pit will last for years to come and provide the perfect ambiance for many thrilling campfire stories

If building blocks aren’t so much your style, then you can keep things simple with a concrete pit. build your forms, mix, and pour for a stunning square fire pit

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2. Stone Fire Pit

Find fire pit that is easily can be found. Yes, stone!

Another classic round design, this DIY fire pit design looks stunning with a rustic, stone exterior

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Just stack the stone and this DIY fire pit is ready

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Create it from stone to match the existing landscape rock and build in removable pipe sleeves to hold a soup kettle or cooking grate when we want to cook on it

Building your own built-in fire pit is actually a lot easier than it sounds! with careful planning and prep work, you can have this fire pit with landscape wall stone

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3. Brick Fire Pit

No one said that fire pits have to be dull and unappealing. Watch these DIY brick fire pit below, so you can prove it yourself.

This in-ground fire pit is easy to do and requires a few bricks and stones, and a lot of digging

The way the brick are stacked in this one is an example of an innovative way to make your fire pit and to place your bricks

Neatly stacking bricks on top of each other and making a square structure out of it makes for a neat looking fire pit

If you don’t want just a regular fire pit and want something that can be the center of attention, try building a teardrop-shaped bricks fire pit

All you have to do is dig a hole in the ground according to the height that you want for your fire pit and place bricks at the base and around it in a circular form

image source

4. Upcycled Fire Pit

Let’s give your old stuff a new life!

You need only 30-minutes to create these concrete fire balls

This relatively small in size, but large in stature, glass enclosed DIY fire pit, above, can be easily transported inside or out depending on your entertainment venue

Repurposed washing machine drum is the perfect size and shape for creating the contemporary style DIY recycled fire pit

A fire pit made out of a syrup kettle surely brings you back to the 19th century

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What’s great about using a wheel to help form your fire pit, is that it is perfectly round!

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