Your old kitchen utensils should not be thrown away. There are many creative ways that you can turn your old kitchen equipment into a beautiful new innovation and remain functional. Here are 8 DIY Ways to Recycle Your Old Kitchen Appliances

  1. Grated Cheese Into Decorative Hanging Lamp


With the addition of touch wires and incandescent lights, your kitchen appliances are ready to turn the function into a unique decorative chandelier. The portion of the hole can be a place where light will come out and light up the room dimly.

  1. Container Sieve Into Kitchen Illumination Container


Connect the electricity at some point on the wall as the source of lighting. Then use your old sieve container to cover the light source. This old kitchen appliance will reduce the light intensity level of the lights and help create a romantic and classic feel in your kitchen space.

  1. Soup Spoon Into Wax Candle


Choose the right candlestick and not easy to deliver fire yes. Well, here you can use your old kitchen equipment recycling! Use an old soup spoon as a container of candles

  1. Fork Into Clothes Hangers


Collect these kitchen utensils and bend the edges. You can be creative with the tooth part of the fork and make various shapes that are funny and interesting. When you’re done, attach the hanger to your kitchen equipment recycling on the wall.

  1. Dough Roll Into Hanger Towel


Stick your old batter roll on the kitchen table or on the island table. The shape of kitchen equipment like a unique dough grinder can give a vintage impression on your kitchen area.

  1. Table Ornament Into Terrarium


Just clean it up and start to arrange your terrarium garden. The look is sweet and not inferior to the terrarium that is sold out there.

  1. Grated Cheese Into Jewelry Place


Like the grated cheese kitchen utensils. On top of that, we’ve been discussing recycling old grape cheese in your home into a unique decorative hanger.

  1. Shaker Dough Into Wax Candle


Slip the small candles into the dough shaker and hang upside down. Decorative lighting that is ready to warm the atmosphere of the room.

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