So not only reduce the amount of waste and unused goods that exist, flower pots from these unused goods also make the place around you become more beautiful. The following waste and junk that transformed into a beautiful flower pot that you can practice. Here are 9 DIY Creative Flower Pot from Unused Goods.

  1. Flower Pot from Unused Jeans Pants


Jeans that have not used and too small can made to be a unique flower pot, but you must use the pants that already ugly. If it is still good you want to donate to the needy.

  1. Flower Pot with Unused Shoes


Unused shoes also nice as flowerpot, rather than thrown! It is better if made as a flower pot or vegetable pot.

  1. Flower Pot from Unused Diskette Piece


If this one is an old item you can try to make a flower pot. Instead of being unused and stacked, are you still using a floppy disk? The color was also interesting placed on the table.

  1. Flower Pot from Unused Tire


Maybe you usually burn the unused tires and make pollution. With added colorful paint on the unused tires, it can be changed to be a wonderful flower pot.

  1. Flower Pot from Unused Pot


Do not throw your flower pot broken, yes mending made mini garden rich image above.

  1. Flower Pot from Bottles


Rubbish unused plastic bottles are many we encounter, rather than scatter mending transformed into a vase.

  1. Flower Pot from Beautiful Coconut Shell


Anyway coconut shell can be changed to be a flowerpot or vegetable plant.

  1. Flower Pot from the Hanged Bottle


Even if the bottle is neatly prepared also looks beautiful.

  1. Flower Pot from Egg Shell


If you make omelet do not throw egg shell, with a little touch of creative idea of ​​eggshell is also beautiful for flower pot or vase.

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