It’s not alluring, and it’s not something you’d like to converse about at that lunch party this weekend. But, as a homeowner, bathroom problems crop up now and then, making you wish you still had a landlord to call. The bathroom is a small area, but it can give you big headaches. Leaky faucets and blocked drains are small nuisances that disturb the flow of everyday life. However, the issues don’t end there. Even the slightest of problems in your bathroom can play on your mind. You can fix some of these problems yourself, though some may require experts. For every bathroom dilemma, there’s always a solution. Read on to find out how.

1. Call an Expert

When it comes to bathroom issues, few experts can match the knowledge and experience that a plumber offers. A plumber that has handled numerous bathroom problems has a wealth of experience to call on while dealing with your bathroom issue. You can find an expert in your local area, or you can check their website for contact details. In places like Australia, it’s illegal to work on plumbing issues unless you’re a licensed tradesman. If you work on your bathroom’s plumbing and something goes wrong, you may end up being fined. Additionally, your insurance may not cover you if something goes wrong.

2. DIY!

Welcome to the world of DIY. If you’re ready to become a DIY plumbing expert, you can save thousands of dollars by fixing the issue yourself. You can take care of minor plumbing issues before they become something only experts can handle. However, you’ll need to have the appropriate tools to ensure everything works in order. Even though you might be reluctant to handle tough plumbing projects alone, small clogs can often be fixed without calling a plumber. Before engaging in your DIY project, ensure you have a plumber’s number on hand. It will be of great help if you have any issues you can’t solve.

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3. Avoid Chemicals

The next time your drain is clearing slowly, avoid buying expensive chemical drain cleaners. You can easily unclog a drain manually with a drain snake. You only need to insert the drain snake into the drain and pull it back out – hoping the clog culprit is attached. However, you need to carry out this activity carefully to avoid harming yourself. The last thing you want is a body injury coupled with a clogged drain. If a drain snake isn’t available, consider using a wet or dry shop vacuum to suck out the clog.

4. The All-Round Thread Tape!

Pipe dope is a thread-sealing compound that can drip and smear. For many DIY projects involving pipe threads, using thread tape will do the work. Consider buying a multi-purpose tape, which is normally white. The ticker tape is normally pink for water or yellow for gas. It’s best to use the thicker option as it’s easier to handle.

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To do it perfectly, wrap the tape and roll it counterclockwise around the threads. If you can’t get the roll into a tight space, wrap a few turns of tape around a stick or pen and apply from that.

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You’ll need to wrap your thread tape around the pipe threads roughly 3-4 times for perfect results.

5. Bucket Flash and Drain Vacuum

You don’t have to panic anytime you have a plumbing issue. If a hard object like a toy or spoon clogs a toilet or drain, a plunger isn’t the only solution. Using a plunger might push the clog in deeper. Instead, you want to suck out the water first. This is something you can achieve with a wet or dry shop vacuum. You can easily find one on popular online stores like Amazon.

Additionally, you can also do a bucket flash. This method works perfectly when unclogging your toilet. Start by filling 2-gallon buckets with water. Next, you want to flush the water by pouring the water into your toilet bowl. Do one flush per bucket.

6. Loose Tough Pipe Fittings Using Heat

Sometimes, it’s hard to loosen pipe fittings with a pipe wrench no matter how hard you try. Such hardened fittings make it almost impossible to budge some fittings. A good tip is to use heat to loosen up old, solidified pipe dope. You can use a propane torch though you’ll need to apply heat for several minutes before achieving progress. Remember to use heat-resistant materials to protect your walls.

And there you have it! Six expert tips for handling your bathroom issues. Consider conducting maintenance checks regularly to spot any potential problems your plumbing system has. Hopefully, the guide above will help you solve those troublesome bathroom issues independently, without the need to call a handyman. However, if the plumbing issue is too big to DIY, ensure you call in an expert!

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