White decoration will never go wrong. It looks gorgeous and innocent where your space looks neat and creative with the DIY ideas below. Here are the complete ideas of DIY Beautiful In White Decoration Where All Will Look Pure.

DIY White West Elm Morocco Headboard

Diy west elm morocco headboard DIY Beautiful In White Decoration Ideas Where All Will Look Pure


See this white headboard that boosts your bedroom’s energy to have a positive atmosphere. Besides, the addition of a lamp there with white color is completely gorgeous. The instructions for this are painting the mats, cut a piece of plywood the size that you want to be your headboard, paint or stain the plywood, attach your mats to the plywood, and trim out the piece to finish things off.

DIY Faceted Vase

Diy faceted vase DIY Beautiful In White Decoration Ideas Where All Will Look Pure


This faceted vase looks luxurious by its shape and color. Imagine if you put this on the side table of your bed then you insert some yellow little bulbs in each star. It will definitely look like heaven.

Modern Dreamcatcher

I know that you are very curious about what are materials you need to create this modern dreamcatcher. Well, the materials are 12’’ macramé ring, white yarn, wooden beads, scissors, and a toothpick. Ladies and gentlemen, once you are happy with the dreamcatcher you will always want to have dreamcatcher craft in your home.

DIY Easy Clay Votive

Clay as one of the most favorites material in DIY projects will never get you down. One of the creations from clay is this easy clay votive made from oven-bake clay, non-stick mat, non-stick rolling pin, ruler, clay knives, straws, and round object or circle cookie cutter.

DIY Breath-taking Paper Shell Chandelier

This chandelier is perfect to hang over your dining table or even outside at an outdoor dinner party. It gives you the best solution to have a dramatic light fixture and look phenomenal in your decoration. You will need a hanging planter basket, white spray paint, ribbon, scissors, 1-2 rolls wax paper, 2 big pieces of parchment paper, iron, hot glue gun, glue sticks, circle cutter, and cutting mat.


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