Color blocking becomes such a trend these days. Not only in home decoration but also in fashion. It means that you can apply the technique in any part of your things in life. It provides an awesome look that pairs the colors in one stuff with a clear color difference makes it has such a firm appearance in a beautiful performance. Just imagining it can make me happy! Especially when you are such a cheerful person who loves colors, you will absolutely need to have the color blocking style to be applied to your things. Well, although it will also possible to be designed in a simple look where you can use the calming or warm colors with minimum colors used, playing with colors will always be fun, right?

It is awesome how the color blocking could be applied to anything you want. Here, we are going to show you the ideas where you can provide it yourself by making the DIY project. For your home, you can have it for your furniture (table, chairs, cabinet/storage) home accessories (pillow, mat, curtain, rug), and ornament (wall hanging ornament, decorative planter, frame, etc.). Then, for the fashion part, you can make earrings, necklace pendants, clothes, belts, and more. We will show you some of those products for your references and help you get the ideas. Go down for detailed information!

Color Block Earring

Making accessories to complement your appearance is an interesting idea. You can make earrings using colorful string and thread. First, you can cut the rope into several pieces, then coat it with colorful threads and glue it together so that it will become a beautiful color block earing. Rainbow Earring from Hgtv.

Color Block Planter

DIY mini planter made of concrete looks simple and sturdy so it is suitable for planting ideas in your home. You can paint it with a combination of several colors to make your planter look more attractive. Then you can use it to plant the succulent and place it on the table so that it will become the perfect focal point in your home. Color Block Concrete Planter from Homedit.

Color Block Tray

A wooden tray will give a classic look with a natural touch to your home décor. You can do DIY projects to make your trays look more beautiful and modern in an easy and cheap way. Try painting the tray in several different colors so that it will look bright and really pretty. Colorful Tray from Craftionary.

Color Block Storage

Choosing a cube-style shelf for your child’s toy storage idea is an interesting idea. You can complete it with a storage box that you make yourself at home to make it look neater. Making a box using cardboard covered with colorful fabrics looks attractive. Then you can place it on the cube shelf so it will look like a colorful and stunning drawer. Colorful Toys Storage from Homebnc.

Color Block Crochet

A blanket is one of the accessories that you can use to complement your home decor and will provide natural warmth. You can make crochet blankets yourself at home using wool yarn. Try crocheting with colorful yarn so your blanket will look lovely and provide the perfect warmth. Colorful Crochet Blanket from Daisycottagedesigns.

Color Block Frame

DIY Frame made of wood looks simple and attractive with a natural touch. You can paint it in several different colors which will make it look even more beautiful and inspiring. Hanging them on the wall will make them a stunning focal point in an easy and inexpensive way. DIY Color Block Wooden Frame from Brepurposed.porch.

Color Block Chair

You can do a DIY project for a chair makeover to make it look more attractive. Try using macramé to make your chairs look more creative and comfortable to use. You can use Macramé pink and orange to make pad and chair backs so that the chairs look perfect and are more comfortable to use. Color Block Macramé Chair from Homebnc.

Color Block Wall Ornament

Making a wall hanging for your wall decor will make it stand out and not boring. You can make a wall hanging from colorful threads and wooden sticks. Then hanging it on the wall would be the perfect focal point. Colorful Wall Hanging from Shelterness.

Color Block Clock

Wall clock is one of the accessories that must be in your home to make it easier for you to know the time. You can make it yourself at home to save costs and express your creativity. For you who love simplicity, this two colors combination can be your choice. With such a warm deep blue sea color, you can have it to add a welcoming home ambiance. Color Block Clock from Theidearoom.

Color Block Pillow

Pillows are one of the accessories that you can use to complement your home decor. You can do DIY projects to make your pillow look more attractive. Try sewing colorful fabrics to make a color block pillow to complement your home decor so that it looks attractive. Color Block Pillows from Papernstitchblog.

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