Snowman ornaments are popular. It is a symbolic of the winter season.  They don’t hold any religious or overtones, so they are fun and neutral way to celebrate the season. Snowman is adorable and just plain old fun to make. So we compiled a bunch more adorable snowman ornaments to make for you below.

Transform your light bulb into a warm and cozy light bulb snowman ornament for winter. Make a sliced log snowman by turn the ordinary wood slices into fun and festive snowman. Or try a snowman ornament pattern by sewing them and it looks pretty simple and cute. If you want to decorate your space for Christmas, take a look at these 45 DIY snowman ideas below.

Wooden snowmen ornament

Red costume hat from joy-pup

Snowman fish bowl decorations from everything4christmas

DIY yarn snowman from housewifeeclectic

DIY snowman christmas tree ornaments from bellezaypeinados

Snowman garland from deavita

DIY snowman from flannel

Snowman from Christmas balls from megduerksen.typepad

Christmas paper cup craft from ekstrabladet

DIY cristmas snowman

Felt snowman ornament

Primitive snowman cinnamon salt dough ornament from ulicaekologiczna

Light bulb snowman from upcycled-wonders

DIY snowman sequins

Wooden hanging snowman

DIY flannel snowman

DIY Burlap snowman

Hanging flannel snowman from alittlecraftinyourday

Snowman jar ornament from alittlecraftinyourday

DIY fictional character

DIY jenga block snowman from owecraft

DIY outdoor christmas decorations from thistinybluehouse

vintage DIY snowman from sweetyhomee

Electric tea light snowman ornament from habitationrealty

Painting glass christmas bulbs from bolshoyvopros

Snowman spoon craft

Snowman ornament with candle holder from trendecors

Snowman from coffee creamer container from diy.allwomenstalk

DIY mason jar lid ornaments from prazdnichnymir

Marshmallow snowman ornament from countryliving

Snowman fingerprint from inspiration.allwomenstalk

Small clay pot christmas ornament

Christmas snowman craft ideas from sawhd

DIY snowman made of cloth from artedefazerartesanato

Pink snowman

Felt snowman christmast ornamen from dizainmania

Snowman christmas tree ornaments from kknews

Cloth christmas tree snowman toy from effectivehouse

Hanging snowman with light bulb from ideipentrucasa

Snowman socks from ideas4diy

Knitted snowmen

Colorful snowman from blurmark

Recycled cans snowman ideas from noithatmagazine

Snowman from medicine bottles from sdelaisam.mirtesen

White and blue soft snowman


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  10. […] Marvelous 45 DIY Snowman Ornament for Christmas… […]

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