DIY hanging planters are so easy to make and very cheap. You only need some materials that you have or you don’t use it anymore such as plastic fish bowl to make a hanging planter. Cans are also good for hanging planters. You can paint them and they will look adorable.

Also, you can make it from a wooden box or old tire with flowers. It will make your space look adorable than ever. Here are 41 DIY hanging planter ideas that can help you below. Have fun!

Hanging Plant with Macramé Rope from housebeautiful

Hanging Vines on the Ceiling from naibann

Indoor Plant Boxes from indoorgarden

Indoor Plant Bedroom from jujuyalmomento

Hanging Herb Windowsill from architectureartdesigns

Pallet Boxes Indoor Plant from reparasiandroid

Teak Wood Container Indoor Plant from decoratorist

DIY Hanging Wall Plant from homezideas

Tiered Hanging Indoor Plant from nataliewhiteforequalrights

White Pot for Greenery from mineforthemaking

Recycle Appliances Plant from luchshiebani

Recycle Glass Indoor Plant from pistoncars

Hanging Tiered Indoor Plant from shairoom

Hanging Galvanized Plant from labuhardilladecoracion

Hang Glass Terrarium from poleznyaki

Minimalist Hanging Succulent from naibann

DIY Wood Box for Floating Plant from mykaleidoscope

DIY Crochet Hanging Planter Holder from diytomake

Small Vertical Indoor Plant from architecturein

Gold Container Indoor Plant from abeautifulmess

Hanging Indoor Vines Plant from myscandinavianhome

Go Vertical Hanging Indoor Plant from homedit

DIY Plastic Bottle for Indoor Plant from puxiang

Gold Pots for Hanging Plant Ideas from thuthuatnhanh

Sea Hanging Indoor Plant from popsugar

DIY Unique Hanging Plant Ideas

Hanging Plant in the Cabinet from remodelaholic

Hang Ceiling Clay Pots from thearchitecturedesigns

Hanging Plant in the Kitchen from mykaleidoscope

Rustic Hanging Indoor Plant from iranderakht

Indoor Hanging Plant Near Window from architecturesideas

Elegant Triangle Hanging Plant from popsugar

Pastel Color Hanging Plant from thecottagemarket

Hanging Hydroponic Plant from 33decor

White Scheme Hanging Plant from literaryhealingarts

DIY Vintage Indoor Plant from moetoe

Hanging Plant for Balcony Decor from pistoncars

Fishbowl Hanging Planter from morningchores

Wooden Hanging Plant from morningchores

Hoop Hanging Planter from morningchores

Bird Hanging Planter from morningchores

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