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39 DIY Indoor Water Garden Container Ideas

Many people adore any type of water feature. An indoor container water garden is perfect for adding a decorative touch to your space. They are also perfect water feature for small space and the great things about it are they are cheap and easy to make. You can also use a lot of recycled or repurposed things to make them.

Even if you life in a small house, doesn’t mean that you can’t add some beauty. This indoor water container is great and you can also hold fish in it. Now that you all excited to add some beautiful indoor container water garden to your space, be sure to take a look at these amazing below. So you can make any of it to beautify your home. Have fun.

Wooden container indoor garden from podelki

Glass vase from hausratversicherungkosten

White drawer container from hausratversicherungkosten

Glass tea cup

Paperwhite container ideas from linkhay

Glass container with lavender

Small glass container from mykartinka

Terracotta pot from jardineriaplantasyflores

Orchid in closed terrarium

Water plants indoor

Potatoes in mason jar from housebeautiful

Philodendron atom in jar from simdreamhomes

Glass vase with beta fish

Glass bottle vase from homelizm

Square glass container

Round glass container from hausratversicherungkosten

Indoor water garden with glass

water plants in vase from marthastewart

Terrarium garden indoor from diyhomestagingtips

Water lily terrarium from lovethispic

Fish tank from onechitecture

Table top water lily pond from homemydesign

DIY ceramic water fall from coftable

Tulip bulb glass container from homemydesign

Small glass aquarium from tillysnest

Herb planter box indoor from tingtilhaven

Glass bottle planter from danviet

DIY terrarium garden indoor

Glass and wood plant containers

Big container water garden from hausratversicherungkosten

Miniature garden in a pot from hausratversicherungkosten

DIY tabletop bird bath from stylemotivation

Black container water garden from ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

Glass container and spider plant from khonlukbaan

Mermaid fairy garden ideas from mycoolgardenn

 Clay pot water fountain from balconygardenweb

Goldfish water garden from balconygardenweb

DIY bottle water garden from balconygardenweb

Succulents in glass indoor garden from homemydesign

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