To have some unique Thanksgiving decoration is such an awesome thing since you can use it for your home decoration that can strengthen the spirit of Thanksgiving into your home. It is really useful so that when you are going to invite your family or close friend to have dinner together in Thanksgiving night, you can make your home looks impressive with the Thanksgiving touches.

The fun thing about it is that you can make your own Thanksgiving decoration by making the DIY project of it. You can create some crafts that are correspond with Thanksgiving theme and use it as your home decoration. Since creating DIY projects are really fun thing, then you can plan to have it with your kids so that you can have your quality time at once with your kids. Check out some ideas for your references below!

Orange pumpkin craft from paper
Chick craft that made from brown yarn
Colorful headbands craft
Colorful pumpkins craft from colorful yarn
Small brown bookmark
Brown kids craft candy cornucopia for thanksgiving craft
Thanksgiving crafts with fall leaves and chick from paper
Thanksgiving crafts with puppet from from glove

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Black pilgrim and turkey
Thanksgiving craft with gray pillow
Thanksgiving craft with yellow pillow
Wooden board for thanksgiving craft

image source

Colorful “give thanks” wreath from pop cycle
Colorful thanksgiving turkey craft with blocks arranged
Embroidery hoops
Leaves garland from paper
Paper garland with colorful cone shape
Colorful candles in glass
Wooden leaves craft for necklace

image source

Colorful turkey craft with pin bowling
Green fruit turkey craft
Orange pumpkin for turkey craft
Thanksgiving craft with leaves turkey
Pine turkey crafts for thanksgiving
Round gray turkey leaves crafts for thanksgiving

image source

Colorful wreath craft in turkey shape
Colorful paper wreath craft
Diy thanksgiving wreath in chevron pattern with pumpkin and flower decoration
Glitter wreath craft in leaves shape
Pumpkin decoration on the door with ribbons decoration
Leaves wreath craft with flowers
Rattan wreath and small white pumpkin for thanksgiving craft
Turkey wreath feature

image source

The DIY Thanksgiving ideas that we serve to you are those that are quite easy to be made and have high possibility to be creates with kids. The materials are also in varied where we do guarantee that we have chosen the materials for the craft designs with affordable prices and easy to get whether in your home or at the stores. You may also need to look for some materials from your garden like twigs, foliage, or grain.

For the placement of the craft, you can maintain to place it into places that might be spotted by your guests if your purpose is to give the best serve for them. First of all you can focus in your living room first, then you can move to your outdoor area like your front door decoration or entryway. After that you can move to the other rooms that your guests may enter. Prepare for your DIY Thanksgiving craft project then!

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