“We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.”- Neal A. Maxwell. 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means you must make prior arrangements for the dinner night- ordering the turkey, cleaning the house, and setting up furniture. It will ensure that you can relax and enjoy with your family and friends on holiday. 

However, all families make nearly the same preparations every year. So, how can this year’s Thanksgiving dinner be different from before? The answer is by giving appreciation gifts. 

Oh, don’t worry! You don’t have to spend a hefty amount to get gifts for everyone. Instead, you can use one product- Resin Epoxy to DIY multiple presents. To know more, scroll down. 

Resin Coaster 

Epoxy resin coasters are among the easiest yet most beautiful projects you can DIY. All you need for this is clear epoxy (Obviously!), dried flowers, shimmer powder, a jar lid, and paint. 

Set the dried flowers in the lid as desired and pour the liquid halfway through. At this point, add some shimmery powder and fill the lid with the rest of the resin. Let this sit and TA-DAA! Your resin coaster is done. 

Tip: You may even use silicone molds to make a lid-free coaster. 

Artistic Canvas

If any of your family and friends is an art lover, a canvas is the perfect gift option for them. To create this piece, you’ll need a thin canvas frame, colorful epoxy top from bestbartopepoxy.com– liquid or pigment and plastic cups. To create a unique artwork:

  • Pour different colored epoxy materials into separate plastic cups.
  • Using cups, create strips onto the canvas.
  • Alternate between different colors for an ombre effect. 
  • You can add more colors until you get the desired result. 
  • Remove the excess using a scraper tool. (Be careful not to mess up the work)
  • Let it dry completely. 

You can leave it as it is and gift it. Or, you can use another layer of clear epoxy to add shine to the canvas and get it framed. 

  • Resin Pendant

Who doesn’t love DIY jewelry? And if it’s gifted, the value of the accessory gets multiplied. Don’t you agree? 

To create a loving pendant, you’ll need small molds in different shapes, resin, small buttons, pearls, or beads. In addition, you’ll need glue-on-bail or a jump ring and a chain. 

Following the tips given in the resin coaster, you can create a pendant. Once dried, you can remove the charm from the mold and glue a bail on it. Or, you can drill a small hole to add a jump ring. Now, complete the gift with a chain and surprise your loved ones. 

Note: Using the same technique, you can create a budget-friendly ring, bracelet, or earring for the whole family. 

Wrapping It All Up

All these ideas are pretty simple and will take a few minutes to an hour to complete. Plus, these are nearly inexpensive yet functional gifts that your family and friends would appreciate. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your DIYer cap on and begin crafting!

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