After making an omelet, you will see eggshells in the rubbish bin. Well. People crack eggs and throw eggshells like something useless. Do you know that they are actually worth making crafts? What can we do about them? Healthy eggs will have healthy eggshells too. They are strong enough. So, we can make some decorative items to improve our homes. In this article, we have gathered DIY crafts from eggshells that will blow your mind. Check out our list below and get more inspiration!

DIY Golden Vase

Diy golden vase


Don’t throw eggshells and egg cartoons away! You can use them to make a mini garden. If you have some strong eggshells, paint them in gold. Then, plant your favorite flower on them. Put those eggshells gold paint on the egg cartoon. Voila! You get a new minimalist garden now.

Eggshell Candle Holder DIY

Tea light will make your home looks more adorable. It might not give you plenty of light, but it shares a lot of happiness. Making an eggshell candle holder is not tricky at all. Just crack one side of it and put on the candle inside. So, what do you think? It is easy, huh?

DIY Eggshell Lampshade

Wow! What a cool project! This lampshade will work well for your little boy’s room. Prepare a raw egg, a pencil, fingernail polish in various colors, a cup of the egg, vinegar, a small LED light, and white school glue. Check out more from Instructables to know how to make this eggshell lampshade! Customize the design you love.

DIY Eggshell Fairy Light

Adding fairy lights in your kid’s room might be a great idea. You will need eggs, a hot glue gun, and an LED fairy light. Make a hole at the end of the egg. Then, drain the contents of it. Third, clean and dry the eggshells. Secure the bulbs of the fairy lights into the eggshells with the hot glue gun. Repeat this step for other eggs. Finish it by making a series of eggshell lights, and hanging them on the ceiling.

DIY Mini Hanging Macrame

Create a mini garden in your version. This craft is easy and affordable. Use eggshells as the vases and hang them with macrame. Feel free to customize the colors you like. Seeing a hanging macrame with an eggshell planter on the wall is like seeing a mini garden. Choose you’re the plant you want cactus, succulents, herbs, or other low-maintenance indoor plants. 

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