If you are looking for a perfect project for utilizing reclaimed wood to brighten up your outdoor space, these are some of them that can be perfect for any space size. This is also a stylish way to save the budget and create eco-friendly products complemented the outdoor and garden areas.

Reclaimed-Wood Wall Shelves

These multipurpose wall shelves can be used as a planter, a beautiful spot to display your potted plants or practical storage for your handheld gardening tools.

Implementing reclaimed wooden wall shelves in open spaces is not a bad idea for you to try. Add some of your plants and items to display them.

Use reclaimed wooden wall shelves to place some of your living plants. This will look neat and attractive to the walls of your open space.

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The idea of ​​decorating an open space you can add a container of plants from the wood reclamation and place it on the wall. Fill the plantation with colorful blooming flower pots to cheer up your garden.

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Applying reclaimed wooden wall shelves that are painted in colorful colors will make your open space more attractive. Add some tied flower tots to complete the decor.

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Red reclaimed wooden wall shelves will enhance the decoration of your open space. Add some colorful flower pots and tie with wire for an attractive appearance.

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An Outdoor Shower

Why don’t you turn your reclaimed wood into an outdoor shower? That would be perfect for everyone to enjoy a sunny shower, especially the kids. You can hire someone to make it for you or add it into your DIY project plan this year—just make sure you finish it in time for summer.

To finish decorating your open space, add an outdoor shower made of reclaimed wood. Place it in the corner of the room and complete the display with plants then it will look sophisticated to make your room more attractive.

You can try using reclaimed wood to complement the decoration of an open space with an outdoor shower. This would be perfect for everyone to enjoy a bright shower, especially children.

You can also use some reclaimed wood for bathing outdoors. Install several wooden pallets to cover your shower room.

Creating an outdoor shower using reclaimed wood is not a bad idea for you to try. This method will be perfect for everyone to enjoy a bright shower.

Outdoor shower designed in such a way with reclaimed wood will create the perfect look in your open space. Add a small bench to put soap.

Use reclaimed wood to make a nice outdoor shower in your open space. It can make your small garden look different but still beautiful.

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Use reclaimed wood that is not used to make outdoor showers and you will be amazed by the results. Add hooks to put your towel.

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Unique Outdoor Wooden Planters

Another idea to use reclaimed wood to brighten up your outdoor space is to make a unique wooden planter. Show your creativity and feel free to make any different sizes and unique shaped planters you wish to display your favorite flowers and greens. Keep the wood raw for a perfect rusty look or paint it to match the rest of your decoration.

You don’t need to worry even though you don’t have a pot for gardening. You can use reclaimed wood to grow your plants. The shape of the wood resembles a pot so you don’t need to buy a new pot.

Using reclaimed wooden crates that are not used, you can use them as storage containers. Hang it neatly on the wall so it will look very beautiful without spending a lot of money.

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Decorate an open garden by adding triangular reclamation wooden plant containers that will make your garden more stylish. Add flowers to bloom and place them in front of the door.

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Use a few pieces of reclaimed wood to make your plant pots. And then add living plants. This is one simple way to increase your open space

You can try using reclaimed wood for containers in an outdoor garden. You can make it yourself with the shape you want, so you will get a garden with a cheap budget.

You can add reclaimed wooden containers for your open space. Create whatever shape you want and add colorful flowers to make your garden more attractive

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Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Chaise Lounge

If you have a large supply of reclaimed wood, you may love this idea. An outdoor chaise lounge made of reclaimed wood creates a beautiful farmhouse look. It will be perfect if you use the lounge poolside. However, if you’re not, simply add some pops of color by adding some cushions or beach towels for a bright design.

Decorate your open space with reclaimed wooden chaise lounges to create a beautiful farmhouse look. Add a few blankets to complete the decor.

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Applying a reclaimed wooden chaise lounge is a great idea to enhance your open space. Add a table for this decorating idea.

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Using chaise lounges from reclaimed wood will create a beautiful home appearance. Place in an open space to complete the decoration.

Another way to decorate an open space by applying a blue chaise lounge will make an attractive appearance in the room. Add a pillow for a bright design.

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Create creativity as you wish. For example you can apply chaise lounges from reclaimed wood and place them by the pool.

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Tree Bench

Imagine you sit under a tree on a nice sunny day with your friends and family whether to enjoy the shade or have a nice conversation and a sumptuous picnic. Adding a bench around your favorite tree to make this comfy spot, it allows everyone to sit comfortably even when the ground is wet, cold, or muddy.

This DIY reclaimed wooden bench is suitable for you to try. This method will make people sit comfortably even when the soil is wet, cold, or muddy.

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You can try using reclaimed wood to make an outdoor patio bench. This will enhance the beauty of outdoor decoration.

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Use reclaimed wood to make a tree bench in your open space. Add some live plants, so it looks neat and attractive to your small garden.

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The clever idea of ​​decorating in an open space applying reclaimed wooden benches will make your garden look attractive. Allow colors and tangible shapes to show depressed look.

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So many ways to use reclaimed wood to brighten up your outdoor space, some of them even provide a great way to enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine while relaxing in your own space.

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