Arranging perfect storages for the bedroom can be tricky. You have used empty space under your bed, plain wall, or the unspotted area behind the door, but you seem to be missing something. If you feel that kind of thing, why don’t you try the space behind your bed?

To inspire you with the potential storage behind the bed, find these brilliant bedroom organizing ideas you can easily steal.

Narrow Closet

Use a narrow space behind your bed for a tapered walk-in closet. You can opt glasses, laminate boards, or fake walls to create the room divider between your headboard and the small cabinet. If your ceiling is quite high, you can use a two-tier clothing rack. Lastly, use the open high shelf just below the ceiling and place hampers to store more things.

Using a divider from the laminate board behind the bed will give you a narrow closet in your room. This method will make your bedroom look more spacious and neat.

Instead of adding fake walls behind the mattress to make a narrow closet. This method is more uplifting in the look of this minimalist room.

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Don’t let the atmosphere of your room be stained from the mess of your clothes. Add a wooden wall behind the bed to make a narrow cupboard.

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Applying a room divider behind the bed will accentuate the feeling of a neat space. So you can add a sliding glass barrier to create a narrow cupboard in your room.

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As seen in this beautiful bedroom, adding a fake wall will give the room a narrow closet. This is great if you don’t have room for a free-standing cabinet.

This bedroom has taken advantage of an additional wall behind the bed to get a narrow closet space. With a state of the room like this will make your room avoid clutter.

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Over-Bed Book Shelving

Create a unique and eye-catching headboard with this over-bed book shelving. You can place your reading materials and small accessories there. Choose whether you’re going to build this smart shelving wide, tall, or low. Whatever the style you choose, make sure it will complement the whole look of your area.

To create a unique and attractive appearance on the headboard of the bedroom with a bookshelf above the perfect bed. Add some other ornaments to complete the decoration.

The headboard of this bed with bookshelves will keep clutter in the room. You can arrange neatly your books on there and make you easy to read before sleeping.

Applying the headboard of the book storage will make a different appearance from the others. Add lamps on the headboard to make you focus on reading.

A stylish bedroom using a book storage headboard will make your room more attractive. Complete the look with some antique ornaments for a perfect look.

This bookshelf headboard ensures your bedroom is what you want. In the case of small bedrooms, a special headboard with book storage will make your room avoid clutter.

The headboard of this bed with bookshelves will make your book less cluttered. Add some of your stuff so you can store it neatly.

Add bookshelves to your bedroom headboards to show off your collection and store trinkets in your bedroom.

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Headboard with Drawers

This amazing headboard offers you several drawers on the left or right side, giving you dazzling storage when you pull them out. Another design of headboard with storage compartments features tall sliding drawers. You can place much stuff like accessories, socks, or underclothes.

Headboard with drawers that you can apply in the bedroom design, this headboard can work well in your bedroom.

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Many furniture placements will make your bedroom design ideas look attractive. The best solution, you can use the headboard with a drawer so you can store some socks or underwear easily.

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This is a bedroom decorating idea with a headboard that has drawers to offer some storage. This bedroom with gray walls is mixed with a wooden floor.

With a drawer headboard, this bed offers additional storage. This method makes viewing avoid the clutter of your belongings.

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Beautiful Curtain Behind the Bed

This bedroom organizing idea will lift a dreamy look to your private area. Simply hang an expensive-looking curtain. For that, you must choose the richest fabric, such as linen, eyelet cotton, muslin, and silk. Behind your draperies, use rack units to hang your wardrobe and use open shelving as well.

Interesting bedroom decorating ideas by adding brown curtains behind the bed is not a bad idea for you to try. Behind the curtain, you can easily add a few shelves to buy your clothes.

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Applying white curtains to cover the clothes hanger rack in the bedroom is suitable for you to apply. This method will avoid clutter in your room.

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You can apply a white thin curtain behind your bed for the storage area. Add storage racks and a few clothes hangers will lift the beautiful look to your private area.

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The idea of ​​arranging the bedroom with white curtains behind the bed will enhance your bedroom decor. This area can be used to store your clothes or items. Just add clothes hangers and storage racks to make the room look neat and clean.

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The choice to install a linen curtain behind the bed is a good idea for the wardrobe idea. You can use this area to store and organize your clothes, shoes, bedsheets, or other things in a neat way. Just build a floating shelf and hanger area for this idea. You can add some boxes for extra storage.

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Beautifying the bedroom’s decor by adding white curtains behind the bed will lift the look to your private area. Behind your curtains, use the shelf unit to hang your clothes and use the open shelves too.

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Most of the time, people forget to make the most of the space behind their beds. However, the bedroom organizing ideas above offer you more storage and even make your private space so much appealing.

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