While many home-décor articles offer what is best to do and what goes great to place for your bedroom, knowing essential things to avoid plays an important role as well. Even a slight blooper could potentially ruin the whole feel of your private chamber. To save you from the unnecessary faux pas, we’ve gathered up for you four things to should never do when doing bedroom remodel.


Don’t Forget the Wall

Never let the wall when it comes to bedroom remodel. You sure wish a brand new wall paint, but first you have to decide whats color that suits with your style. You can apply a pastel or neutral colors if you want a warm atmosphere in your new-look bedroom.

Instead of decorating the bedroom with a dark brown wall color, this neutral color will enhance and warm the look of this room.

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If you like the atmosphere, choose gray wall paint to create a warm atmosphere. Combine with wood floors and carpets for a natural, earthy look.

Shades of white and gray in the bedroom will create a warm atmosphere in the room. Hardwood floors and wooden furniture will complete the decoration.

Pale white color mixed with wood floors will produce a warm and airy bedroom. Complete with a wooden table to add a natural impression in the room.

This white wall color ensures your bedroom is what you want. Wooden floors and ceilings will create a warm atmosphere in the room.

Combining white shades with wooden pallets on the walls and floor will produce extra warmth in your room. Add a wooden table and other furniture.

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Apply blue pastel to your bedroom to display a fresh look in the room. Add cream color accents to the curtains for perfect contrast.

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Skipping Window Redecorating

Does your bedroom have a potentially great view but your window doesn’t accommodate it? Why don’t you try a different layout and create your dream window? Besides offering you a prettier sight and fresh natural air, new windows installation could also deliver a stunning big difference to your private area. Marry your new casement with beautiful dreamy curtains.

Redecorating the bedroom by applying a brown patterned curtain will make the appearance perfect. This method will offer you a more beautiful view.

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Neutral shades in your bedroom You can add blue window curtains for an attractive appearance. You can combine it with a blue sofa and some other modern furniture.

Try green curtains in the bedroom will create warmth for you to try. Put it in your large window so that it will make a perfect appearance.

Adding white lace curtains for the bedroom is suitable for you to apply. Complete the display with several other ornaments.

Stylish bedroom with additional brown curtains to create an attractive decoration. Combine with shades of red and various other wooden furniture.

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Try white lace in the bedroom will create warmth for you to try. Add a thick brown curtain for the next layer. Brown dance and wooden floors will complement the decor.

You can add curtains in gray, white and blue to get the perfect look. Complete with wooden nightstand and other modern furniture for a stylish look.

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Ignoring Flat Screen

Even if you are not the type of person who enjoys watching television, placing them in your bedroom has never been a bad idea. Imagine you have friends or relatives to come over and decide to laze around in your bedroom. What could be more exciting than watching horror movies, some big stars reality shows, or even a karaoke together?

Changing rooms by adding a TV on a flat-screen is not a bad idea for you to try. Place it on a wooden pallet and add lights for a perfect look.

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The best solution, you can adjust the TV design in the bedroom so that the room looks more attractive. You can put it on the wall above a storage rack.

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One of the best choices, you can apply the TV to a wall that you can put on a campfire to watch horror movies with your friends. This method is easy for you to try.

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Placing a TV on a wall above a storage rack will make it easier for you to watch horror movies with your friends. Combine with other wall paintings to complete the declaration.

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Another inspiration is to apply television to the walls to maximize the space left in your bedroom design. Not only that, place it on a storage rack so you will get an attractive bedroom design.

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Television that you can place on a flat-screen wall for the perfect bedroom design. This method will make it easier for you to watch horror films with your friends.

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Placing a television on a flat-screen wall will make your bedroom design ideas look broad. Place it on a storage rack to get a neater bedroom design.

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Failing on Closet Calculation

We understand that whenever bedroom remodel is the topic discussion, most of the time we think about what could be the great paint color, stylish furniture, or best fabrics. However, a comfy room is always well organized and features a nice storage solution. For that reason, make sure you have a perfect closet design to suit all your clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Wardrobe mounted on the wall is perfect for remodeling the bedroom. This method is a good storage solution for visual space.

If you want to store some clothes and shoes in the bedroom, this sliding wooden wardrobe can be a space-saving solution in your room.

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This wall cabinet provides a place for your clothes, shoes and accessories hidden and neat in this very narrow room.

To take advantage of space that is not used, install a large closet next to your bed to get the perfect look. With this wardrobe, you can store your bags, clothes and shoes.

For more storage, consider installing a sliding cabinet that soars high into the rest of your room’s wall space.

Don’t let the atmosphere of your room be tarnished by chaos. Choose a wooden cupboard to store some of your clothes, shoes and accessories neatly.

Remodel your bedroom by displaying a sliding cupboard to store your clothes, shoes and accessories. Use the glass door for the illusion of spacious and airy space.

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Just like the main course, quality plays a big role even though garnish is also important. That is why, never forget about insulation, television, window decorating, and closet when it comes to bedroom remodel. You may present yourself a headache if you fail to do so.

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