Colored bathroom vanity becomes very popular lately, as it will give your bathroom certain beautiful touch and looks like if it is treated well. Anyway, don’t think that this colored bathroom style will give you an overtone effect because you can choose the color based on your taste and personality, from the bright colors into the soft one so that it won’t only give a more sweet and impression of comfort in your bathroom, but also gives warmer feeling to your bathroom in a suitable atmosphere. Again, although you don’t want to fully decorate your bathroom in colors, you can always go partial by just adding it into some elements in order to give the nuance of the colored vanity bathroom.

To make your vanity bathroom more awesome and useful, of course, you need to add some furniture there. For the rustic impression, you can have a mirror and shelf or cabinet that are stick-on brown stone-walled that is totally cool for your bathroom vanity! With the combination of stones and woods, this room really enhanced to has a more rustic sense but still fancy and modern at the same time. For a modern one, you can play with a modern lighting fixture that hung on the ceiling. Putting an industrial style of hanging lamp is another way for the idea of modern bathroom vanity. You can pick any color for your vanity bathroom, but the warm color seems to be perfect with the combination of extraordinary furniture, although the bold color will also work for your strong personality, if you really wish to have this color then make sure that you don’t put too much furniture not to make your bathroom looks crowded. The pictures below will give you some more explanation of the colored vanity bathroom. Please enjoy and get the inspiration!

Bathroom with white bathtub and wooden floating table

Blue walls for bathroom with white rugs

Brown wall for bathroom design with black cabinets

Chandelier for bathroom with dark cabinets

Dark floors for white bathroom with white sink

Gray bathroom vanity with lights

Master bar bath vanity with blue walls

Modern bathroom with wooden frame mirror

Old dresser bathroom with white walls

Patterned floors for bathroom with grey walls

Patterned wall for bathroom with perfect single sink

Round carpets for bathroom design with white cabinets

Round mirrors for bathroom vanity with wooden cabinets

Round mirrors for bathroom with white flowers decoration

Rustic bathroom vanities with grey cabinets

Small bathroom decor with dark floors and green cabinets

Small bathroom design with black cabinets

White bathroom vanity with wooden floors

White bathtub for bathroom with white ceiling

White cabinets for bathroom with big mirrors

White wall for bathroom with marble floors

White walls for bathroom with green cabinets

Wooden cabinets for bathroom with white wall

Wooden floors for bathroom with grey cabinets

Wooden walls for bathroom with towel hook

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