25 Elegant White Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Can Copy

An elegant vanity is not only deserve for bedroom, dressing room, living room, or any other rooms that are frequently visited by your guests. Your bathroom is quite worthy to be decorated into an elegant vanity look as well since bathroom is like a place where you can calm down your muscles tense under the shower or inside the bathtub after working all day long. Talking about the elegant look that you want to achieve, you may only think about gold or silver color scheme, whereas the calm simple color like white or beige are also enough to create an elegant look for your bathroom. Another surprisingly color is black that obviously has its ability to create elegant look.

For an elegant vanity bathroom, it may will quite different from others where you need bigger space and some luxurious things to be placed there. You can’t only have common mirror, sink, and cabinet. It even possible for you to have chair and crystal chandelier. The key is that don’t use bright colors like yellow, pink, or orange because those colors will directly swipe away your elegance impression. For your advice, you can have white marble floor that is matched with white cabinet, stand out lighting, and big mirror for the lux touch. Glass floating cabinet is also better to be placed in your elegant vanity bathroom than the wooden one as it is not presented for the elegant but rustic or farmhouse look. Remember with the black color scheme? Apply it on your floor, choose the proper tile then matched with white wall. Or, you can do all white for both the wall and floor then place a black cabinet with big rectangular mirror to give a high impression and elegant look. The pictures below will show you more of the elegant vanity bathrooms that you can apply for yours. Go check these out and get the inspiration!

A pair of gilt mirrors add some shimmer to the all white master bathroom
Elegant lighting for white bathroom with flower decoration
Elegant luxury white bathroom design with small bathtub
Elegant white bathroom with floating wooden cabinets
Elegant white bathroom with marble floors
Elegant white bathroom with purple flower
Lighting on the ceiling for white bathroom with white bathtub
Small white bathroom with patterned floor
Small white marble bathroom with wooden floor and white sink
White bathroom design with big mirror
White bathroom designs with white cabinets and white bathtub
White bathroom hexagon floor with purple flower and white sink
White bathroom tile with white ceiling and black carpets
White bathroom walls with wooden cabinets
White bathroom with hexagon floor and small plants
White bathroom with two mirror and white cabinets
White bathroom with white cabinets and white ceiling
White floor bathroom design with chandelier and fake flowers decoration
White floor bathroom with big mirror and flower decoration
White lacquer for bathroom design with white sink
White marble bathroom design with chandelier and white tub
White marble floor for bathroom with white cabinets
White wall bathroom design with white floating cabinets
White wall bathroom with wooden cabinets and dark floors
White wall for bathroom with rectangular mirrors and dark cabinets

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