Christmas is soon to come, and there is no other joyful activity than doing DIY projects to welcome the festive day. It’s wonderful how attractive DIY decorations for Christmas could spread the joy of the holiday in the air. All you need is a bunch of holiday spirit to have fun with Christmas decorations to make yourself that’ll definitely charm your space.

Get inspired with our recommendation below on DIY decorations for Christmas you must know.

1. DIY Whimsical Reindeer

Reindeer is one unique icon for the festive day, and you can surely make your DIY decorations for Christmas featuring this iconic animal. All you need is to have your wire and iron cutter ready. Design your standing reindeer plan and arrange the wire in accordance with the plan. Adorn your reindeer with tiny warm white lights, set it on the focal point, and be fully ready as it would certainly awe everyone.

The reindeer ornaments for the front yard are combined with yellow lights and red ribbons around the neck that look stunning.
A deer ornament with beautiful white lights and unique perforated holes on its body.
Three reindeer ornaments combined with white and brown colors and added with lights to add the beauty of the decoration.
A pair of white reindeer combined with white decorative lights that look harmonious which added with Christmas tree decoration.

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A golden reindeer ornament added with gold ribbon on the neck and yellow decorative lights that have a luxurious impression.

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2. DIY Jar of Lights

Looking for ideas for light décor to welcome the big day? Try to make your personalized jar of lights. Get your mason jars ready with golden yellow lights. Fill the jars with these lights, and then you can hang them on the wall or put them on your table. It’s surprisingly amazing how these lights in the jars could enhance the warmth of your Christmas ambiance.

DIY lamp jars combined with white snowman images, decorative lights placed inside and colorful ribbons for decoration enhancers.
DIY lamp jars Combined with string lights placed in jars, pinecones and cool winter ornaments.
DIY lamp jars combined with yellow string lights, small house ornaments and beautiful little Christmas trees.
A round DIY lamp jar plus a yellow string light for simple decoration.

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DIY lamp jar that hung to complement your creative home decor

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3. DIY Rustic Wreaths

Wreaths are secretly effortless to make yourself. Pick some branches and twigs from your backyard. You can also add Fraser fir to showcase more greenery on your wreaths. Arrange your rustic wreaths as planned and set tiny white flowers for more adorable cuteness. Then, hang them on the front door that’ll welcome every guest you’ll have.

DIY rural flower arrangements added with twigs taken in the backyard, as a complement to white flowers and blue ribbons.

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DIY rural flower arrangements with snowing pine leaves, black and white checkered ribbons that look amazing.

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DIY winter wreaths with twig and foliage added with cotton flowers that make the decoration more beautiful.
This one is the whole cotton wreath which is really awesome to create such a white wreath to really match with the season.

image source

DIY winter wreaths combined with twigs, beautiful white flowers and small red fruits to complement the decor.

image source

4. DIY Festive Slogans

Bringing more spirit of the holiday can be done through festive slogans you can create. Buckle up with your paper collections and details, like shiny ornaments and sparkly tinsel strings. You can make one big slogan, and another much smaller one is optional. Simply hang them on the hook of your room’s focal point.See, it is definitely easy to make your personalized DIY decorations for Christmas. Come go or it!

Christmas slogans written on black boards with wooden frames make the decoration more perfect.
A pair of Christmas slogans written on a long brown wooden board that put in a very simple ladder.
A slogan written on a wooden box that combined with brown rope to complement the decoration of the Christmas tree.
The slogan written on a long brown wooden box and also as the spot to put photos of the family member.
A slogan written on a long wooden board in white paint where at the same time it utilised to put pictures of Christmas or winter theme.

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