Even your Fur buddy also need a place to sleep and relax. That is why, to make it happen, we’ve gather these 18 DIY ideas to spoil them. Don’t worry, this projects are easy to make without neglecting your pet’s convenience! Show them your love by making it on your own.

Turn an old wooden suitcase into a cozy repurposed bed for your dog

Recycled the old tire, add a small pillow and your dog bed is ready

Make this no-sew dog bed using fleece that is so soft so your dog will have a nice rest

If you like everything nice and steady, this DIY pull-out Murphy bed is all you need

If you have an orthopedic bed, use it as your dog’s bed. don’t forget to prepare some pallets as the frame

Give your crate a new life by making this rustic crate bed

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Updated nightstand with built-in DIY pet bed. Fancy!

Upcycled suitcase bed for the jet-setting pet

Turn your furniture into a double-duty one. yes, a side table with a small castle for your fur friend

Recycled your wine barrel into this comfortable dog bed

Reclaimed your dresser drawers and turned it into this Doggie beds

An old t-shirt with a wire hanger, and voila, a cat tent is ready

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You can build this bed from wood planks and then add the legs – which you could upcycle from an old table or chair

This sweatshirt turned dog bed is one of the most creative things

This raised bed for larger breeds is a great way to help them be more comfortable, even before those golden years

This DIY plywood bed can also double as a side table in the living room

Pick up wooden milk crates from most thrift stores and flea markets and then add a nice pillow or pet cushion

Crate your dog under the nightstand so you can sleep in the same room

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