DIY headboards have been a big attraction for the last few years. A good DIY headboard can really change the look and feel of your bedroom. There are lots of materials that you can use to make your own headboard. With so many choices why still hesitate to create your own headboard? There are plenty of DIY headboard tutorials out there that can you use as reference to your creativity. In addition, doing it by yourself does not only offer the achievement of taste, it is also very helpful in saving.

1. Rustic Pallet Headboard

Source : DIY Projects

This is an easy woodworking project anyone at any skill level can make, because each piece is straight and recurring board. The secret is in paint. Find a nice ash color or gray color to recreate the look like a tree. All you need to add is a little decor above the bed to really seal in this bedroom’s look.

2. Fabric Headboard

Source : Kindle Your Creativity

All it takes to make this headboard are some simple pieces of wood and some of your choice fabric. Choose a bright color to make your room look bigger and make sure it matches the color palette of your room.

3. Floral Headboard

For nature lovers, gardening enthusiasts and flower lovers, this headboard is a wonderful way to bring the garden into your bedroom. This flower headboard is made of beautiful paper flower with color combinations that you can choose yourself.

4. Diamond Tufted Headboard

Source : Homemade By CarmonaTufted headboards are one of the easiest and most affordable kind of DIY headboards to create. All you need is some board, fabric, and buttons to create a new one or you can even reuse your old headboard by placing plywood on top and adding your fabric to upcycle your old one.

5. Books Headboard

Calling all the book lovers to do this beautiful headboard!! By using plywood sheet and a bunch of your old books, you can create this ‘genius’ headboard.

6. Indigo Velvet Tufted Headboard

Sometimes there’s simply nothing more alluring than a velvety, soft shade of indigo that makes your room look elegant. It works best with white, and makes a brilliant eye-pleasing contrast between the headboard and the rest of the room.

7. Square Fabric Headboard

Source : All Things Thrifty

Get crafty with the printed fabric squares and with cardboard or plywood squares to build this beautiful fabric headboard.

8. Decorative Wrought Iron Headboard

Source : Someday Craft

If you have a piece of iron fence or a wrought iron grill, then simply give it a solid wooden base to let it stand individually. Next you can put it behind your bed as a rustic accent headboard.

9. Grain Sack Headboard

Source : My Home Ideas

Make use of burlap fabric while getting the headboards covered for vintage style statements. This is an easy way to take advantage of used grain sack.

10. Vintage Floral Sheet Headboard

The most interesting thing about this design is the accessibility of the fabric. Creating a headboard in this way allow you to flip between any style and color of fabric simply by slipping your favorite piece in and replacing it with another favorite when the mood or seasons change.

11. Chain-Link Headboard

Source : DIY Network

Wake the rock star side of yourself with this headboard. With some metal pipes, metal rods and metal fences and hard work, a moment later you will become a star.

12. Wooden Woven Headboard

Source : Lowe’s

Here is what you can do with plywood stripes. Woven them for an adorable headboard design, you don’t have to be a skilled woodworker to transform plain plywood into a handsome headboard.

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