When you hear the word ‘bench‘, the first thing that comes to mind is a relaxed and fun feeling. Having a bench in your home will be very beneficial both for seating and for decoration. There are plenty DIY projects that will be decorative and functional around your home. One of the most popular is the DIY bench, which is always a great way to provide functional and decorative accents both inside and outside.

1. Headboard Bench

Source : Confessions Of A Serial Diyer

One way to take advantage of your outdated headboard is to change it as a welcome bench to give a warm and inviting atmosphere into your terrace.

2. Yarnbomb Monster

Source : Knits For Life

For those of you who like knitting, knitted benches can be an ambitious project you can do in your spare time. Of course your bench will be unique yet remain functional.

3. The Basic

For those of you who are beginners, the basic model is something you can make. The finishing can you create according to your wishes, you can paint it with your favorite color or you leave it with stain.

4. Industrial Bench

The pipe bench will add a lovely industrial touch your home.

5. The X-Bench

Source : Saw Dust Girl

This satin black finished bench with x-legs definitely is a beauty. You can make it and place it at your front porch as a place to enjoy your garden.

6. Farmhouse Bench

The farm bench is very pretty, it’s a perfect little piece for an entryway or on your yard. This bench fits perfectly with rustic décor, vintage and even shabby chic.

7. The Woven Bench

Source : The Merry Thought

You will find lots of weaving and hemp on this bench project. This bench leads us to the warmth of the sea and the sound of the waves.

8. From Rug To Bed

Add a little exotic and ethnic touch in your bedroom by making this super easy end of the bed bench, and you will surprise how easy it enhance the overall appearance of your bedroom.

9. Upcycled Old Chair

Upcycle broken and old chairs into something functional and super comfy which perfect for your entryway living room or foot of your bed.

10. Mid Century Bench

Source : Savage Love

If you are a fan of Mid Century decor then you will love this bench. So start make one to adding your home decor.

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