Everyone loves to party. Throwing a party also means exploring your creative ideas to create lively decorations. If you like to make DIY party decorations, then this is a good time to show your ability to be creative. Explore the easy DIY party decoration project and stress-free solution to tell the perfect party atmosphere.

1. Pineapple Paper Poms

Source : Frog Prince Paperie

If you are going to have a summer party by the beach, then this is the right decor. Pineapple poms bring tropical atmosphere to your party.

2. Splatter Paint Popsicle Stick Runner

Source : At Home In Love

This colorful table runner certainly deserves to be the center of attention on the table. The cheerful colors that it presented add the hilarious to the atmosphere.

3. Balloon Arch

Balloons and parties are inseparable. Make an arch out of the balloon as the focal point of your party or you can also lay it as a lively gate for your guests.

4. Patriotic Placemats

Use these placemats featuring hand-stitched stars at your Memorial day and 4th of July parties this summer.

5. Mini Honeycomb Ice Cream Garland

Source : Oh Happy Day

Ice cream is the thing to look for when you’re throwing your child’s birthday party, and using it as an ornament at her birthday party is a right move.

6. Coffee Filter Flowers

If you want to add a soft vintage touch to your party, then you can make it happen with this coffee filter paper flowers.

7. Rainbow Fan Garland

Source : Ice Cream Off Paper Plates

So if you are planning a rainbow-themed or colorful-themed party, be sure to hook up this light and easy rainbow fan garland. This is an inexpensive craft and looks amazing for your party, all you need are tape and paper to make it.

8. DIY Balloon And Fronds Tropical Party Centerpiece

Who would have thought a balloon could be a great centerpiece on the table? Yellow balloon can be changed according to your party decoration color palette.

9. Giant Paper Flower

Source : The Sway

Giant paper flowers are exactly what you need for any spring party. Make multiple flowers as a backdrop to add to your wall decor in general or it can even use individual flowers as decor.

10. Tissue Paper Flowers

What’s more romantic than a lot of flowers at your garden party? Fresh flowers are expensive, but you can replace them with colorful flowers from paper. This is even a great idea for wedding decorations

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