Tea time with family or just watching tv usually can be done in living room. It’s because the living room is a very comfortable place to enjoy quality time with family. To make it interesting and cozy you can refresh the living room in easy and simple way. In this post, we have provided some pictures for you. Just check them and hopefully you’ll get best idea.

  1. Creative Handmade Watch on the Wall

Source : DIY & Craft Ideas Magazine

To decorate empty wall of the living room, you can make a decoration creatively. For example this handmade watch that will always be an eye-catching.

  1. Strap Shelf on the Wall

Source : diyandmag

If you have an unused belt or strap bag, you can recycle it becomes a unique and creative shelf to refresh the living room.

  1. Homely Stripe Curtain

To make the living room looks fresh, changing the curtain is a good idea to do. It’s not difficult if you want to sew it by yourself. Of course you need to measure it to have the right result.

  1. Soft Feathery Carpet

Source : Egoweblog

Another way to refresh the living room you can do is provide a soft feathery carpet on the floor. The texture of feathers seem luxury thing in the living room.

  1. Renew Wall Decor, Cushions, and Carpet

Source : The Render

To make the living room looks fresher, you do not have to replace the sofa or furniture. Just replace the wall decor, the color of cushions, and carpet are enough.

  1. Re-paint the Wall

Source : The Render

Re-paint the walls with new color is also an effective way to refresh the living room. Choose a significant color from the previous color to get new results.

  1. Fresh White Blooms on the Table

Source : Cuded

Placing some white blooms in the living room is not only beautify, but also give good smell in the room.

  1. Update New Dresser

Source : The Spruce

Do you have an old dresser in the living room? Don’t hesitate to update it becomes something new that will refresh the room. Just re-paint it with different color on each drawer. Then, it will be a modern ombre dresser.

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