Fall is coming. What do you like to do this autumn? May be one of you like to read the book inside, listening to the music by walking around, or even sitting at yard while enjoy a fire pit? If you like to gather with your family in front of a fire pit, you can choose one of these styles. Here they are:

  1. The Concrete Fire Feature

Let make our body warmer by this style. It looks awesome and beauty to be placed at your house yard. Just sit down with your spouse to enjoy cold nights.

  1. Garden Fireplace With Bench

If you have any garden or yard, it will give you great feature. Though this is not as solid as fire pit, but will be a nice place to waste your time at cool weather. You can ask your family to enjoy this view together.

  1. The 4-Step Fire Pit

This fire pit is for you have a small yard at your house. Enjoy your time by sitting with your dearest person. It is save, because you put ring fire and circled with stone.

  1. Modern Concrete Fire Pit

Modern concrete fire pit

This is a beautiful fire pit that can be made by the one who stays at a small house. See the nice rock and the bowel of it; does it really enjoy your eyes? Pay attention to the top of it, you should have to pay more.

  1. DIY Fire Pit And Seating Area

Diy fire pit and seating area

This style is not only a fire pit but also a hang out area. You have to prepare large area or yard to make this fire pit at your house. Here, you can play with your dog or cat and take a rest after being tired.

  1. The Gravel Fire Pit

Gravel fire pit

A wonderful style of fire pit, it can be called as outdoor oasis as well. You can buy or gather it by yourself some basic rock fire pit. Save yourself with gravel around the fire and put Adirondack chairs.

  1. Boulder Fire Pit

Boulder fire pit

Enjoy your family time near the lake by make this boulder fire pit. It can be operated by gas or not, up to you. If you like to make it by yourself its good, but you can purchase as well.

  1. The Easy Fire Pit

The easy fire pit

It’s easy to be made by anybody. The problem is that if you don’t have the materials. Be careful to arrange the material because it looks little bit heavy!

  1. The Rustic Fire Pit

The rustic fire pit

A modern style of fire pit is at your house. This style use large rocks and dirt to build. You will have a rustic and different fire house at your garden. Enjoy the time with your dearest friend or family member.

  1. The Masonry Outdoor Fireplace

The masonry outdoor fireplace

Do you like this style? It is a hangout hot spot with fire pit to warm your body. You can sit and read your book or listening to the music you like while enjoy the fall.

  1. The Upcycled Fire Pit

The upcycled fire pit

Do you have a drum that is no longer use? It can be used as an awesome fire pit for your house. Don’t be worry! It doesn’t need any wide yard or garden.



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