Have a lot of mason jars and don’t have any idea how to make use of it? Let’s juggle it to be the cheap, easy, yet creepy Halloween decoration! You don’t need to be worried about spending too much money to get the perfect Halloween celebration. What you have to do is just use your creativity and imagination to get the adorable mason jar craft with the Halloween theme, of course!

Well, the interesting idea about the mason jar is about its varied functions where it could be used as the lighting (in varied ways too) and as the decoration with different applications. Hence, you can also add it with the many additional materials to make the design looks proper. Curious about it? Go down on the pictures references below and find the magic!

Halloween Treat JarsΒ from Happiness is Homemade

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern from Old Salt Farm

DIY Halloween Mason Jars from Pumpkin and A Princess

Spooky Halloween Hand Soap from Happygoluckyblog

Skull Mason Jar from Countryliving

Spooky Halloween Jars from Happiestcamper

Colorful Zombie Mason Jar from Thekeeperofthecheerios

Halloween Stained Glass Mason Jars from Momdoesreviews

Green Zombie Mason Jar from Craftsbyamanda

Easy DIY Ghost Mason Jars from Craft-Lovers

Ghosts in a Jar from Craft-Lovers

Black Eyes Mason Jars from Craft-Lovers

Halloween Potion Jars from Craft-Lovers

Haunted House Mason Jars from Craft-Lovers

Jack Skellington Jar from Craft-Lovers

Mercury Glass Halloween Mason Jar from Craft-Lovers

Spider Light Centerpiece from Craft-Lovers

Spooky City Mason Jar Decor from Craft-Lovers

Sugar Skull Mason Jar Lanterns from Craft-Lovers

Witch Lantern Jars from Craft-Lovers

Cute Halloween Mason Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Frosted Halloween Mason Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Cheap Painted Mason Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Handcrafted Halloween Mason Jar Lantern from Architectureartdesigns

Halloween Themed Mason Jar Candle Holders from Architectureartdesigns

Orange BOO and Jack-O mason Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Ghost Candle Holder from Architectureartdesigns

Painted Mason Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Halloween mason jars from Architectureartdesigns

Jack-O Mason Jar from Architectureartdesigns

Jack Skellington Style from Architectureartdesigns

Handmade Halloween Mason Jars from Architectureartdesigns

Witch Mason Jar from Architectureartdesigns

Halloween Character Lanterns from Pickled Barrel

Mason Jars with Creepy Eyes for Halloween from Pickled Barrel

Ghost Mason Jars from Pickled Barrel

Black BOO Mason Jar from Pickled Barrel

Halloween Garland Made of Spider Jars from Pickled Barrel

Skeleton Jar from Pickled Barrel

Spider Web Lights from Pickled Barrel

Halloween Mason Jar Mini Cakes from The Keeper Of The Cheerios

Halloween Terrariums from The Keeper Of The Cheerios

Painted Halloween Jars from The Keeper Of The Cheerios

Small Spider Jars from The Keeper Of The Cheerios

Simple BOO Mason Jar for Halloween from The Keeper Of The Cheerios

Creepy Skeleton In A Jar Halloween Craft from Homebnc

Spooky Halloween Jars With Eyes from Hunnyimhomediy

Easy Mummy Halloween Mason Jars from Hunnyimhomediy

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Craft from Hunnyimhomediy

Upcycled Halloween characters from Hunnyimhomediy

Bloody Mason Jars from Hunnyimhomediy

Orange Jack o Lantern Pumpkin Jars from Hunnyimhomediy

Halloween Spider in Jars from Hunnyimhomediy

Black Cat Mason Jar from Color Made Happy

Bride of Frankenstein Mason Jar from Color Made Happy

Witches Legs Jar from Color Made Happy

BOO Lantern With Spider Accent from Style Motivation

Jack-O Mason Jars with Wire for Hanging from Style Motivation

DIY Ghosts in Mason Jars from Shelterness

Graveyard Terrarium with Mason Jar from Shelterness

Stenciled Luminaries for Halloween from Shelterness

Scarecrow Treat Jars for Halloween from Shelterness

DIY Halloween Ghost Jars from Shelterness

Zombie Mason Jars from Shelterness

Colorful Skull Luminaries from Shelterness

DIY Halloween Candy Dispenser from Shelterness

Black Lantern Mason Jar from Hgtv

Hallowen Lantern With Cheesecloth On Top from Hgtv

Decorative Jars for Halloween from Spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Ghost Jars from Spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns from Spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Jack-O Face Mason Jar from Spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Grey Mason Jar With Spider Web from Spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Mummy Lantern from Woohome

Frankenstein jars Lantern from Woohome

Masson Jar for Halloween from Woohome

Witch Mason Jar from Woohome

DIY Jack-O lantern from Woohome

Halloween lantern with Jack-O Sticker from Woohome

Mason Jar With Spider in it from Woohome

Hanging Lantern With Cheesecloth On Top from Woohome

Spider Lantern from Woohome

Skull Lantern from Woohome

Spooky Red Mason Jar from Woohome

Black Animal Lantern from Woohome

Colorful Jar With Hand Skull on Top from Woohome

White Mason from Woohome

Jar Lantern With Jack-O face from Woohome

Spooky Lantern from Woohome

Red Jack-O Lantern from Woohome

Spider Web Mason Jar from Woohome

Bat Mason Jars from Residence Style

Halloween Jars on the Tray from Residence Style

DIY Spider Mason Jar from Residence Style

Orange Mason Jars from Residence Style

Creepy Mason Jar from Residence Style

Colorful Mason Jar For Halloween from Residence Style

Mason Jar With Spider Accent from Residence Style

Mummy Jars with With Black Ribbon from Residence Style

Pumpkins Mason Jar from Residence Style

Craft Mason Jar for Halloween from Residence Style

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