Everyone loves vintage décor. Nowadays vintage garden decor is a growing trend for outdoor living spaces. Incorporating fun antique pieces from inside the house into your yard gives it a unique look no one else on the block will have. If you want nothing more than to turn your garden into a classic paradise, but you don’t really want to spend a fortune doing so, we got quite a treat for you. Go to Lathrop landscape and tree care company that will give you ease to actualize your dream garden. Additionally, here are some ideas in case you need inspiration.

Tipsy Pot Planters

Source : The Pink Hammer

Galvanized metal buckets remind us of much simpler times. If you’re aiming for a vintage garden, transform these buckets into flower planters. Old metal buckets don’t have to be forever ugly and left unused. With a bit of imagination, time, and colorful things of beauty, your garden will be the stuff of dreams.

Birdcage Planter

Source : Rogstad House

Who says birdcages are only for birds? Repurposed your old birdcage into an outstanding planter that could be the perfect vintage element your garden is lacking. You can easily transform it into a planter, hang it somewhere in the garden and voila – you have a vintage birdcage planter. Think one isn’t enough? Add more to each corner of the garden or the front of your patio. The bird cage adds some interest to the garden that you wouldn’t get from a regular hanging basket or planter.

Old Key Wind Chimes

Old skeleton key is a very vintage thing. Turn them into a wind chimes with the help of jute twine, 2 emboridery hoop and glue. This is an exact accent you can hang on your tree or your porch.

Rustic Tea Pot Fountain

Source : Hometalk

Fountains bring soothing sounds and mesmerizing movement to a garden. A full-size fountain might be out of your price range, nothing stopping you from building your own vintage version. This DIY rustic teapot fountain can be a smart idea to accessorized your vintage garden.

Canning Jar Lights

Mason jars are becoming more popular more than ever, here They can be transformed into lanterns in place of the lights you’ve always wanted. Hang the jar lights from the branches of your garden trees and let them work their magic on your backyard.

Teacup Bird Feeder

Source : DIY Inspired

Is there anything more relaxing than listening to the birds sing freely on a tranquil morning? If you love to attract sparrows and other birds to your backyard then look no further than this simple and creative DIY bird feeder that will certainly benefit you on many levels. The birds will always keep coming back for more seeds!

Bird Bath

Source : HGTV

Garden decorations don’t have to be conventional. Certain pieces will make your garden worthy of staring at, like this vintage, wall-mount sink you thought won’t be of use anymore. This fun DIY project will add charm to your yard, and create a fun hangout for your feathered friends.

Garden Mirror

Make your backyard look more spacious by setting up a garden mirror. This is a great backyard decoration idea, especially if you like to recycle “junk pieces” and to turn them into magnificent works of art. Remember not to put them in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

Old Pallet Tree Swing

Source : SF Globe

Just like mason jar, pallets are versatile things that can be transformed into whatever we want. DIY from the palette gives a strong vintage impression on your work. Making a swing is one of the right ways to spend time while enjoying the beauty of your garden.

Vintage Plates On Fence

Do not let your fence empty and cold, decorate it with antique Chinese plates. You can even use your cracked plates as decoration to reinforce the impression of vintage on this wall art.


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