DIY Decorating

Easy DIY Home Decor Craft Projects for Tiny Home 

If you need a new decor for your space without spend much money, then a DIY project is the best option for your tiny home. All you need is only a simple will to make it on your own and a great imagination to make something that you need. You can also get some inspiration from the internet or any DIY magazines to help you get the best tutorial that you need.

DIY Garden

37 Best DIY Projects with Pallet for Your Garden 

Pallet DIY project is all the rage and it comes with tons of ideas available on internet or even magazines. There are so many ways you can use pallets in your home and garden, and the only limit is only your imagination. Pallet used in shipping products and they are often discarded or recycled at the shipping destination. You can find them for free from local hardware stores or garden supply stores.

DIY Furniture

21 Easiest DIY Napkins to Adorn Your Dining Table 

It is important to dress your dinner table in style. And cool napkin is the thing that you should have to impress everyone before eating. You can sew a DIY mitered corner napkin in coordinating prints or even fold it is a great way to give each guest their own unique experience. By sewing your own cloth napkins or fold it with unique fold, it is an inexpensive way to set the table.

DIY Garden

32 Creative Pergola Designs and DIY Options 

Keep some of these pointers in mind as your design solution when choosing a space for your pergola. Screening the environment; choosing a usual horizontal overhead beams will increase the sense that what lies ahead is important while neighboring houses or utility items behind are secondary. Arch in perfect scale such as the rounded rose-covered arch is simply and perfectly proportion. Shaded seat is great example as a focal point and tall planting ensures that the arbor sits comfortably within the overall design of the garden.