One of the most favorite rooms to decorate this winter is your own bedroom. Moreover, some people might spend more hours in bed. After working out all day long or doing other activities outside, laying down on the bed with some blankets, pillows, and beautiful warm lighting will be a great idea. In this article, we show you winter bedroom decorating ideas without Christmas touches that will inspire you. Check them out further and get inspired.

Soft Color Palette

This beige wall will present a soft look and can bring lightness to your bedroom area. Beige fur rung that spreads in this bedroom will provide perfect warmth. Here you can also add a beige long curtain so it will look the same. Beige Color Pallet from @musterring.

This living room decor has a soft blue dining theme so it will present a simple and calming look. Then you can add light blue furniture too so that it will present a matching appearance and is suitable for the winter theme. Soft Blue Color Pallet from @melissas_designs.

This bedroom decor carries a soft feel so that it will give a beautiful and calming feel. Soft pink dining will be the main background that looks cute and adorable in this bedroom. Here you can also use accessories of the same nuance so that it looks extraordinary. Pink Color Pallet from @thewelcomeinn_rogers.

Black and White

This bedroom shows that black and white are the best color ever. We love the pictures on the wall, the blankets, and the pillows that are natural and nice. No matter women or men will love this room with its simple look without clutter. Black and White Furniture from @beydindesign.

This winter bedroom has an industrial theme with a combination of white and black so that it will present the perfect monochromatic look. White bedding combined with a lack of pillow and blanket will work together to provide comfort in your bedroom. Industrial Style from @graceallure_.

The combination of white and black walls will be a background that is able to present a monochromatic feel this winter. Furry accessories with a black and white theme, will make your bedroom decor look more perfect. This bedroom decorating idea is suitable for anyone. White and Black Interior from @home_and_quotes.

Farmhouse Bedroom Style

The wooden sliding door in this bedroom manages to bring the perfect farmhouse touch. Decorated with evergreen wreath will make it look so beautiful and perfect this winter. Not only that, the fur rug lying on the floor will provide warmth. Wooden Accent from @maplecreekmarket.

White wooden walls will give a farmhouse touch as well as be the right background for winter decorations in your bedroom. Wooden bedframe which is equipped with white pillow and bedding will make this winter bedroom farmhouse decoration look very perfect. White Wooden Wall from @heartofwendy.

This garland on the headboard looks especially beautiful in winter. Wooden furniture painted in white shades is a sign that this bedroom has a farmhouse theme. Striped pillow and snowflake pillow on the bed will make your bedroom decoration more comfortable. Wooden Bed Frame from

Winter Sweet Decor

The white color for all makes this bedroom decor timeless. Evergreen wreath which is equipped with string light will present a beautiful winter look. Throw pillow and blanket will provide comfort and warmth at the same time. White and Grey Themed from @hemmahosfalk.

The decor of this room has a rustic touch that will give a calming natural feel. Several evergreen arrangements that are displayed on the floating shelves will give a quite refreshing winter look. In addition, evergreens hanging on the wall will make it the perfect focal point. Rustic Touch from @athomewithjessidee.

Having a gray and white color combination theme will make this bedroom decoration look adorable. Fur blanket and fur pillow will provide warmth and comfort in winter. String light in the corner of the room will present a very beautiful and festive look. Furry Accessories from @_magnoliahome.

Dreamy Bedroom Decor For Winter

This low bed will be interesting furniture for winter bedroom decoration because it looks cute. Layered blanket and fur rug in this bedroom will provide perfect comfort this winter. String light and Star light will make this winter bedroom decoration look very extraordinary. Low Bed from @homepockets.

Some throw blankets on this bed will provide warmth and a visual appearance that matches the winter theme. Not only that, the Fur rug lying on the floor will save your feet from the cold winter. Throw Blanket and Pillow from @neptunecanterbury.

Having a white theme, this winter bedroom looks very bright and gives the impression of a wider space. Chunky throw blankets and fur blankets will make your winter decorations look very comfortable and manage to steal the show. Throw Chunky and Fur Blanket from @janki.home.

Attic Bedroom Winter Decor

This loft bedroom has white tones and glass vents that will give the appearance of a larger space. A bed that is equipped with a pillow and throw pillow will make it the most comfortable place to relax and rest. White Themed from @jclstagingdesign.

If you have a loft bedroom, this decorating style can inspire you. The owner hung some lights to get a brighter room at night. Then, a faux fur rug keeps this area warm at any time. We love the chunky throw blanket and it will keep you warm in winter. Chunky Throw Blanket from @natunaturally.

Small Bedroom With More Greens


Don’t worry about small spaces. Here you can add greenery to create natural freshness and beauty in your bedroom. Several wall lamps will provide lighting at night and this bedroom decor looks stunning. Potted Greenery from @charlestonsoutherncharm.

Some of the greenery displayed in this narrow bedroom will contribute to the natural beauty of your winter bedroom. Some accessories such as blankets, pillows and wide carpets will provide comfort in the bedroom this winter. This bedroom is very comfortable to relax and rest. Greenery Display from @homes.inspo.

Let your greenery in. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom is located in a small area. You can still decorate it well in winter by adding lights on the ceiling. Show more winter accents in this bedroom to make it look attractive. Tropical Plant from @fagusurban.


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