One of the most favorite rooms to decorate this winter is your own bedroom. Moreover, some people might spend more hours in bed. After working out all day long or doing other activities outside, laying down on the bed with some blankets, pillows, and beautiful warm lighting will be a great idea. In this article, we show you winter bedroom decorating ideas without Christmas touches that will inspire you. Check them out further and get inspired.

Soft Color Palette

Soft color palette


Winter days don’t mean to show dark hues here and there. You can try a soft color palette just like peach, soft blue, or other neutral colors in your bedroom. In this picture, we see soft brown, peach, white, and other soft colors combined well to get a cozy winter decor.

Minimalist Black and White

This bedroom shows that black and white are the best color ever. We love the pictures on the wall, the blankets, and the pillows that are natural and nice. No matter women or men will love this room with its simple look without clutter.

Farmhouse Bedroom Style

The string lights over the bed make this bedroom looks magic. Then, it has a wire basket to store blanket or throw pillow that also functions as a decorative accent. We love the branch on a clear vase and the side table as well.

Winter Sweet Decor

White hues for all make this bedroom decor timeless. We find a nice hanging picture with soft color touches as well as on the bed. Then, a bucket of a green plant on the nook makes this room more adorable. What a simple but cozy bedroom decor is this!

Dreamy Bedroom Decor For Winter

String light goes along this bedroom until the bed looks so magical. Furthermore, we get warmer conditions because of the blanket. We love the DIY pendant with a white sheer fabric. This bedroom will work well for a romantic night in winter.

Attic Bedroom Winter Decor

If you have an attic bedroom, this decorating style may inspire you. The owner hangs some bulbs to get a brighter room at night. Then, faux fur rugs keep this area warm anytime. We love the side table that is made of glasses that create a larger space view.

Small Bedroom With More Greens

Let your green plants inside. No matter if your bedroom is located in a small area. You still be able to decorate it well in winter by adding string lights and bulbs. Display more decorative accents over the headboard to show a more welcoming feel.


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