Sometimes, we miss an atmosphere with grass, leaves, and trees like a forest. How to make that feeling in our home? We can use moss. Decorating with moss will add an earthy feel to our home. Whether real or fake moss, it will refresh our decoration. We can use moss on the wall, lamps, or other items in our homes. In this article, you will see how to decorate your home with moss. Check out our list and get inspired further!

DIY Moss Grow Wall Art

Diy moss grow wall art


Awesome! You can make the same wall art with moss in your home. This decoration works well for a spring theme, but you can use it for all seasons. You will need a gallery canvas, Spanish moss, moss cloth, paints, glue, and other tools to make this wall art. Check out more about how to make it here. It looks great to put on your living room wall.

DIY Terrarium with Moss

It looks so little but gives so much effect to your room decoration. The moss, lights, and stone are great in a glass vase. You can create the same thing in less than an hour. You can give it to your close friend or sell it online and earn a lot of money.

DIY Moss Bunny

Making this craft will take at least two hours, but you will love the result. We need newspaper, masking tape, wire, wooden skewer or toothpicks, craft moss, coconut fiber, glue, and green craft paint. First, you have to make the body and head using newspaper. Second, add the ears using wire and finish it by attaching the moss. Check out more from here to know the instructions.

DIY Mini Aquarium with Moss Ball

This mini aquarium looks so cute. Get a light bulb, small aquarium or floral rocks, pebbles, floral beads, jewelry beads, and faux moss. Open up the light bulb. Then, add all the supplies to make an aquarium there. Finish it by adding water. You can add small fish there too. Cool, huh? This mini aquarium will improve your desk decor instantly.

DIY Moss Lampshade

Adding moss into lampshades is cool. It will add a vintage feel to your room decoration. You will need live or faux moss, faux monstera leaves, fern leaves, succulents, floral wire, wire, clippers, a hot glue gun, hot glue, and wooden plaque. Check out here to see how to make a DIY moss lampshade. Then, make a moss lampshade in your version.


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