You don’t have to be an art critic to admire a piece of art as it exists for everyone to enjoy. Art has been used as decoration throughout history and people decorate their homes with art to show their personality and style. However, it can feel intimidating when you are decorating your home and you have no idea what pieces of art you should get and where to put it. There are different kinds of art that serve different purposes in decoration. If you are looking for ways to decorate your home, you have come to the right place.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually overlooked when people decorate their homes. It is essential to use artwork in the most used room in the house. However, opt for smaller pieces to complement the whole look of the kitchen. Oil and acrylic paintings are perfect for kitchens and you can put them on countertops or spaces above the cabinets.

The Living Room

The living room is usually the room mostly filled with artwork and it requires a lot of thought on how to decorate it. Your guests spend time here and they will see the paintings so the artwork should set the general vibe of the place. Oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings are suitable for a living room and their painting style should show your style and vibe. You can also look into statues and centerpiece works of art to display in the living room.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is for relaxation and the best place to wind down after a hectic day, and the artwork hanging in the bedroom should reflect that. The best place to hang paintings is either directly over the bed or on the opposite sides of the bed. Abstract paintings with soothing colors give a calm vibe, or you can use the help of a landscape painter to create artwork of a natural setting. Opt for large pieces and keep the frames minimal as you want to focus on the art itself.

The Bathroom

Another room that can be overlooked when decorating a house is the bathroom. The artwork for bathrooms should match the vibe they give. Bright and fun pieces are perfect for guest or light-colored bathrooms while calming or serene pieces of art are more suitable for the master bathroom. If you share the bathroom with a partner, the art would look great if it comes in pairs, signifying that two people are using the bathroom. The two art pieces could complement each other, have the same theme, or the same painting but one of them is flipped to the side.

There are many painting styles such as impressionism, contemporary, still life, abstract, and many others. Each style sends a different vibe and reflects the mindset of its owner. You should always consider which style connects with you the most to utilize it in the best way possible. Art is suitable anywhere as it makes any space full of life and more appealing. These tips will guide you in the right direction when you want to decorate your home with art.


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