A tree trunk is great to show your DIY skills. It can become some rustic and robust furniture possessions to some aesthetic decor items. All ideas are collected in Incredible Tree Trunk Ideas For Home Furniture And Decor.

Wood Burned Tree Trunk Candle Holders

Wood burned tree trunk candle holders Incredible Tree Trunk Ideas For Home Furniture And Decor


This project is great for winter decoration. The candle holders are quite easy to make even in your spare time. These gorgeous-looking candle holders are so adorable for your centerpiece. The materials you will need are a tree branch or trunk, drill, tea light candles, and wood-burning tool.

Clay Tree Trunk Pencil Holder

Clay tree trunk pencil holder Incredible Tree Trunk Ideas For Home Furniture And Decor


The clay tree trunk pencil holder is useful and adorable. Moreover, if you see the surface of the tree trunk which gives you a unique texture and natural look.  The materials you need for this project are the tree trunk, clay, mat, wood-grain mat, and scissors.

Tree Stump Side Tables

Are you looking for a natural idea to make your room look stunning? You are suggested to use these tree strum side tables. Here, you can paint or stain them for a natural look. While you can also add wheels to the bottom so that you can put them in or out. Materials required are a tree stump, hammer, paint or stain, and wheels.

Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Look at this gorgeous tree trunk coffee table that is so incredible. It is good news as this project will not break your bank. After that, you can make this in the afternoon and when you are free. Besides, you can find the best part in this project where you can make this entirely with up-cycled things. The required material is the tree trunk, hammer, chisel, sanding disc. Do not forget to prepare safety glasses, dust masks, work gloves, and earplugs.

Kids Tree Trunk Table With Toadstools

This project can be used both for your indoors and outdoors. Besides, you can add elegance to your home decor too. Through its look, kids will love it so much. While talking about budgeting, they will not take you a cost. The tools you need are a power router, staple gun, drill, sanding machine, and hole saw kit. After that, the materials are tree trunk, hardwood timber, cotton stuffing, wood glue, and white spray paint.

Corner Tree Trunk Bookshelf

The last idea, you can turn an old tree trunk into a fine-looking bookshelf. Then, your guests will not stop themselves from staring at this lovely bookshelf. The materials you need are tree trunks, wood glue, wood stain, clamps, and sandpaper.

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