Summer season is all about bright and fun nuances. These vibes can be taken anywhere either outdoor and indoor. You can even bring it into the decoration. Have you ever thought about giving a touch of summer to your flower pots? This is a great idea, right? Besides being able to improve the decoration of your garden, it can also improve the interior of your home. In this case, painted flower pots with summer touches can be a fun DIY summer project.

There are endless possibilities for summer painted flower pots. To get started, choose a flower pot design that you like best. For instance, if you’re into watermelons, consider painting a planter with this summery fruit. Then, add some flowers or a simple garden insect to give it a summer theme. You can even add a stencil of the alphabet to make a cute pun or word. Not only are they cool and trendy, but they’re easy to paint and look great indoors, too! You can also apply ombre colors for your summer painted flower pot ideas. Ombre-summer painted flower pots will add a calming and delicate feel to any space. Here are some of our favorite projects to inspire you this summer!

Beige Polkadot from homebnc

Flower Paint from homebnc

Blue Marble Paint from homebnc

Mod Triangle Paint Pot  from homebnc

DIY Painted Flower Pots from balconygardenweb

Paint Dead Planters from balconygardenweb

DIY Watermelon Poted from balconygardenweb

Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters from balconygardenweb

Two-Tone Painted Pots from balconygardenweb

Rainbow Painted Flower Pots from balconygardenweb

Glitter Flower Pots from balconygardenweb

Mini Plant Pots from balconygardenweb

Painted Succulent Pot from balconygardenweb

Geometric Painted Pots from balconygardenweb

Colorful Cactus Painted Pots from balconygardenweb

Paint Pots from balconygardenweb

Earth Paint Pot from balconygardenweb

Ladybug Paint Pot from balconygardenweb

Face Plant Pot from balconygardenweb

Bird Pattern from balconygardenweb

Pastel Color Poted from balconygardenweb

Yellow and White Potted from balconygardenweb

Gold Dipped from balconygardenweb

Herringbone Pattern from balconygardenweb

DIY Painted Potted from balconygardenweb

Seal Painted from balconygardenweb

Yellow and Blue from balconygardenweb

Brush Paint Pot from balconygardenweb

Summer Ice Cream Cone from thesprucecrafts

Gradient Effect Poted from thesprucecrafts

Garden Scenes to Paint from thesprucecrafts

Marbelize Potted from thesprucecrafts

Animal Paint Poted from thesprucecrafts

Yellow Polkadot Pot from thesprucecrafts

Pastel Color Poted from thesprucecrafts

Colorful Stacked Potted  from farmfoodfamily

Pineapple Teracota Potted from shelterness

Pineaple Paint Potted from shelterness

Flower Potted Summer from diyncrafty

Orange Potted from diyncrafty

Abstack Paint Potted from diyncrafty

DIY Flower Potted from diyncrafty

Botanical Potted from diyncrafty

Blue Potted from diyncrafty

DIY Summer Potted  from diyncrafty

Flaminggo Paint Potted from diyncrafty

Purple Flower Pot  from thecreativeshour

Yellow and Blue Potted from thecreativeshour

DIY Yellow Paint Potfrom thecreativeshour

Rainbow Potted from thecreativeshour

Cloud Painting Pot from thecreativeshour

Pastel Ombre Potted from decoist

Pineapple Terracota pot from decoist

Paisly Paint Potted from modpodgerocksblog

Green Paint Potted from modpodgerocksblog

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