Your home office is your refuge from the world. You can go there to focus on work, to study, or even just hide out for a while if you’re feeling overwhelmed. The only problem with this space is that it’s not soundproofed at all-the noise from outside will seep in and become an even bigger distraction. The solution? There are many different ways you can soundproof your home office! Here are six expert-approved methods to try today.

1. Use Soundproof Plywood On Your Walls

If you’re handy with power tools and you know where all your studs are then this is an option that might work for you. Plywood (or even simple paneling) can be affixed to your walls with nails or screws, then the space behind it can be filled in to create air pockets that help block out noise. If you want to learn more craft projects for soundproofing from experts, check out their website. There’s no DIY project you can’t do, you just need some guidance. So, when doing DIYs on your walls, just make sure you don’t screw through any electrical wires while you’re doing this!

2.  Use A White Noise Machine

Using a portable white noise machine will drown out any outside sounds and help you maintain a focused work environment. There’s no need to settle for the generic engine noises or rainforest noises that some machines use-there are plenty of options available that were designed specifically to mask office noise! For example, have you ever noticed how excited people get about the sound of fans? That’s because fans create white noise (the whirring kind) and it’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to block out distracting office chatter. 

3. Add Carpet To The Floor And Walls

Carpet is great for absorbing sound, so it makes sense that adding it to your walls and floor would increase soundproofing for your home office. This DIY project is pretty simple – especially if you have carpet tiles. And, look no further than your local home improvement store for inspiration on how to make this one happen! Carpets also provide that comfy feeling that will keep you coming back to your home office.

Or, if you don’t want to do any work at all and have a hard time finding carpets that match your decor – try covering your walls in quilted fabric or other thick materials. Quilts are an inexpensive solution that can go a long way towards blocking outside noise because they’re especially good at absorbing sound waves. Plus, they look great hanging on your otherwise bare walls! You can find large quilts for sales online or shop around at local thrift stores.

4. Use Acoustic Panels On The Walls Or Ceiling

Acoustic panels are a little more expensive but they can be great for creating sound deadening in your office space. They’re typically made of absorbent fabric that’s treated with fire-retardant chemicals so it doesn’t just turn into a big pile of mush when you start screwing things into it. You can install these yourself or hire an expert to help you out. Either way, the results are well worth the time and money invested because acoustic panels will do wonders for your focus in this room! 

5. Build A Room Divider

This is a cool idea-build a movable room divider so that you can soundproof your office when you need to and then fold it up and store it away when you don’t. This way, you won’t lose any floor space by having to shut this area off from the rest of the house and there’s no stress involved in measuring and cutting plywood to fit every time you want to use this trick! And, if no one else will be using this space, consider sanding down the room divider so it matches the paint on your walls for an integrated look. 

6. Put Up Curtains Over Your Windows

There’s nothing like closing the curtains on a sunny day while you’re trying to get some work done, right? There’s a reason for that – it works! Just make sure you use curtains or blinds instead of heavy drapes because while they may look nice and add a sense of comfort to your room, the fabric will absorb sound even better than acoustic panels. The best part about this is that it’s easy and you can do it yourself!

There are many ways to soundproof your home office but these six methods prove that anyone can do it, as long as they put a little time and effort into the process! Remember these 6 tips and soon you’ll be able to crank your music up and still get things done!


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