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As the new season arrives, we often get inspired to start redecorating our home to fit the theme. Fall is a season that is often associated with warmth, coziness, and comfort, so it makes sense to decorate our bedrooms to fit the theme. If you are looking to refresh your bedroom for the fall season, here are some ideas on what you can do.

Choose a warmer color palette for your décor

The first thing you should do if you want to change freshen up your bedroom for the new season is to use an appropriate color palette. People often associate fall with warmer tones, like orange or burgundy. Warm neutral tones, like dark brown or dark beige, are also often used for fall theme decoration. The best way to work with a color palette is to use various colors in different shades and tones, rather than just sticking with one.

You can choose any part of the room to apply the color palette but the easiest would be the bed. It is often the largest furniture in the room, and you can easily get bedsheets and bedspreads in various fall colors and designs at any home furnishing store. You can also get them in sets, like Hallmark and IKEA bedspreads, which makes it easier since you do not have to find matching pillows.

Add some throw blankets and small pillows to your bed

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A big part of fall décor is coziness so try adding some throw blankets or pillows to your room. You can add them to your bed or add them to chairs and sofas. Throw blankets and pillows are great as decorations, but they are also functional because you can use them for extra warmth and coziness during the fall nights. Browns and oranges, in keeping with the fall theme, are two colors that can instantly warm up your space. If you already have small pillows, you can just get fall theme pillow covers to change up the look. 

Throw blankets are lighter and thinner than regular blankets, so they will not look bulky when layered on your bed. Small pillows are typically placed on the bed, but you can also use them to decorate chairs or sofas. You can also place them on your desk chair, which will provide a little extra comfort while you work or study. These two accessories can be found in all home furnishings stores and they come in all different sizes and designs.

Hang some fall-inspired wall décor

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You can also change the theme of the room by changing the wall decorations to fit the season. There are plenty of fall-inspired wall decorations that would be great for the bedroom. You can buy them from home furnishing stores during the fall season. If you want to keep it budget-friendly, you can make the decoration yourself, using some art supplies and simple techniques.

Popular wall decorations for the fall season are fall wreaths, which include elements of the season like orange leaves and pinecones. You can get them at the home décor aisle of most home furnishing stores during the fall season. If you want to make your own wreath, a craft store is a great place to get the supplies you’ll need. Another type of wall decoration would be art prints with imagery of the fall season, like pumpkins or dried leaves.

Use warm-tone lighting or candles for your room

The lighting that you use in your bedroom can also affect the mood of the room. So, if you want to create a warm look for your bedroom, you can change the type of lighting that you use into something warmer. If you use white light bulbs for your lamp, you can switch them out and use yellow light bulbs instead. You can also change the lampshade to one that is more frosted, so that little light can go through it, which allows for a softer light.

LED fairy lights are also great for bedrooms, and they are a more subtle source of light. These types of lights normally come in either white or yellow, so go with the latter if you want warm-tone lighting. You can also use the LED light strips that have interchangeable colors, including yellow and orange. They are rather cheap if you buy them in bulk and they are easy to fix to any part of the room, even on the corners of the ceiling.

Add some antique or rustic-looking decorations

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Antique and rustic-looking decorations are great for fall theme bedrooms because they give off a cozy and comforting vibe. Woven baskets and small wooden crates are just some examples of a rustic decoration that is still suitable for the bedroom. They also double up as another storage option for your items, making them a functional decoration. You can buy rustic-looking storage from home furnishing stores or repurpose old wooden crates and baskets.

Candles are not necessarily rustic, but they do add to the fall mood, and you can get candles in any size you like. Tiny tealight candles help to create a soft ambiance to the room, similar to the warm-tone lighting. Scented candles are also great because they help to freshen up the bedroom and it is a plus if the scent is fall-related, like pumpkin or spiced apples. If you cannot find any candle that suits the fall theme, you can use a wooden candle holder.

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